6:04 PM What I love about photography, or my style of photography, is focusing on women and their beautiful bodies, because I know female bodies the best! I am a photographer, if you didn't know so... I definitely need to get back at more shooting and more sharing ~

Shoot after shoot, I noticed that I always create photo sessions with girls. Here, I work with strangers, but also close friends who inspire me. Dudes never really made me excited to shoot - don't ask me why! One day, at university, I had my analog camera with me and the sun was treating us too well. I was out with my Malay friend Khairil and since I digged his aesthetics a lot, I thought it's time to let a guy step in front of my lenses. We didn't really shoot in a professional way, it was more a fun and very spontaneous shoot with many laughs and just good vibes ~

You gotta love analog photography! *I definitely need a better scanner though, haha.