11:03 AM After this powerful weekend, I have to admit that I did a lot of thinking and I also reached out to other females, such as my sister, to discuss about our roles and current responsibilities.
What are YOU actually doing to help the female community? What are YOU actually doing to fight for your own rights and values? What are YOU actually doing to create a better future for our daughters and sisters? Are we still sleeping?

I know about my rights and so far I have been fighting in a very selfish way –

I believed I did enough. Wrong. I guess this election woke me up to fight not only for myself, but my sisters. I already support so many females and I love pushing the people around me, but I feel there is a higher need of reaching out and educate! Girls say they are feminists and in the next minute they continue to spread hate around sisterhood. You cannot fight for female rights and be anti-female at the same time. Those paradox statements have to stop and 2017 should be filled with more than love.

My beloved females around me always get to hear how much I love and support them – now it’s time to spread this message beyond all boarders and continents. I sat down to think of new methods to celebrate feminism, but keeping it cool at the same time! With this I mean that I don’t agree that feminism means that I have to talk about vaginas and periods the whole day – I want something elementary and simple. No offence!

How about this: Let’s start this movement with T-shirts, patches, or other accessories which remind us to never give up fighting!

Tell me about you! How do you celebrate feminism?

ABOVE Boy Bye sweater - Beyoncé / Nasty Woman button - Etsy / I miss Barack hat - Etsy / Donald Trump Pinata / Nasty Woman shirt - Etsy / Boobs bag - Gravel and Gold / Cards - ban.do / No button - Etsy 

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