7:16 PM I thought it's time to share a new series of this. We are all interested in beauty (more or less)... I come from the anti-side, so I know what I'm talking about.
I am getting older, too, and somehow I love to spend hours on diverse websites, checking out sneakers, but also new make-up lines, scents, or the best secrets for having beautiful skin. 
There is so much for me to get to know and learn about, but so far, I think I've caught up quiet well. I always used the same things my sister uses and as the little sister, I was lazy to educate myself. 
I would say that today, I have my favorite brands, I know about their products, and most importantly, I know what's good for me and especially the whole body! So don't worry - no matter what age you are, it's never too late to start getting familiar with anything beauty related! 

Last time I shared my beauty favorites, I talked about a new season approaching, which always asks for special skin care. This time, we are right in between winter and icy season, but I noticed I don't want to talk about everything which is good for you during winter, I just want to share with you my latest daily uses and what new things I may have got. 

1. My all time favorite perfume. I am a CK girl...although I am using YSL's "Mon Paris" right now (which is my second #1 scent haha, there's no #2), I have to say that this perfume makes my day. As soon as I apply this musky and dark perfume, my world feels good again! I remember seeing the bottle for the first time...I was so much into the design that I didn't even care what it smelled like. Later, I told my mom about it and I got "Calvin Klein - Be", which is also unisex, as a birthday present. From that day on, I was in love. Thanks, mom! 
2. I feel like this post is only about gifts, but the people who give me things really know what I like and all the products are beyond good - so I will definitely keep on using them - why not! With this present, I wasn't really sure if I would like it or not. I am always putting stuff on my lips and I love the feeling of having soft lips. We all know this during winter...the heater dries everything out and also the cold air outside is ruining our smoothness when it comes to skin and lips. This balm from Bee Natural is so good!! I never tried a balm before which is based on bees wax, but let me tell you: you will definitely invest in more than one of those! I also love to give this balm to friends (especially runners, haha), because people should know about this miracle! The bees' wax makes it more than smooth and creamy. It's not sticky, but it lasts for a little bit on your lips - on top of that, it tastes like pomegranate - yummy!!
3. When it comes to nail polish, I am such a simple girl. I try to get inspired by the seasons, so currently my winter go-to color is dark red! The one I got from Manhattan, "Red Night", is such an amazing nail polish and it's so cheap! Make-up was never my thing, but I always loved coloring my nails. I love the craziest colors: neon, yellow, white, anything with glitter - I buy it! Oh boy, I spent so much money on all of my polishes and today I have to say that I am pretty happy with Manhattan's 2,45€ offer! The polish drys fast, it lasts long, and the color is really intense! 
4. My sister once gave me little samples of Benefit's highlighters. I never understood why. She told me to put them on my cheekbones to highlight them, duh...(my cheekbones, are pretty cool, I would say...) So, I tried it. Boom. I loved it!!! While I educated myself on highlighters, I noticed that they are much cheaper in the US. 
When I went to NYC, one of the first stops was a Benefit store where I got great expert advice plus one bottle of "Girl Meets Pearl" and "Sun Beam". I left the store almost broke, since those products cost a little bit, but I was so happy! This was 2 years ago and I am still using the same bottles...so the price is definitely worth it! "Sun Beam" is the sexiest highlighter of the Benefit family, since it has a little bronzing effect when you put it on. So now, during winter, I mostly use my sunshine highlighter, to give my cheeks a little summer feeling! I love the consistency of the highlighter and it's so easy to apply! A little brush helps you accent the right spots and this can be done in less than 20 seconds!
5. I am a huuuuge Marc Jacobs fan and when I heard about his make-up line, I needed to test it as well! Marc Jacob's beauty range is also a bit pricey, but when I saw the selection at Sephora, I wanted to get everything! Nice packaging, great colors and so many things one doesn't really need, haha. In Paris, I bought myself a sweet lipstick color and my sister surprised me with an eyeliner for my birthday. For months!! I am looking for a red or orange eyeliner, since I got green eyes and I wanted a color which is complimentary to my eyes...I couldn't find the right one, but "Orange Crush" is literally my crush! We tested almost every color at Sephora and we were so impressed how smooth, but intense it is. Right when I got it, I wore it for work, where my co-workers gave me the best compliments and beyond that, I came home in the evening and I was still having every part of my eyeliner on my lid. PERFECT! The thing which excites me the most is that at the very end of the eyeliner, you already have a sharpener included to always take care of your eyeliner! Thank you, Marc!! 
6. In December, I had this crazy chai fever, you might remember it. I shared a lot of chai related things here on the blog and this little friend came into my life at the right time. Whenever I feel like I should go to Starbucks and spend all my money on chai tea lattes, I just take out my chai lip balm and all is good. I got this balm from & Other Stories...one of my favorite stores. What makes me a bit sad about this balm is that one actually pays 7€ for a transparent glossy balm. Also it's not super handy to apply, but I know my tricks...Still, it's in my handbag and I use it everyday! Especially mixed with my Bee Natural pomegranate balm as a foundation. 

How about you? Do you use some of the products I use as well? Tell me about your favorites and share your experiences! ~