8:51 PM God, this month, I got the weirdest topics coming up! But this is nothing bad! I love talking about the same things over and over again. Then again, I realize how much I am growing up (this shit is happening too fast lately) and I care about weird things! January has brought me back to my beloved nerd vibes: reading a lot about history and politics, but also being involved with what is actually happening right now. I love to live in my own world, but I guess 2017 is all about realizing Thingswhat is going on, what can we do, how can I encourage to help or solve things and what is the best for me? Those questions have 7 million answers and I love to answer all of them on Off Color. I am talking about basically anything and this beauty bla bla is also a thing I have been enjoying lately. That’s why I want to discuss something new today.

Before I went to Paris in October, I planned on studying about plastic and its use in the cosmetic industry…I want to get to know labels which are green and sustainable for many reasons (just because I care). My sister loves Lush and once in a while I love to go there to smell all the intriguing products. Unfortunately, I am always a bit shy to get things, because they seemed a bit expensive to me and I didn’t know if I really needed them. My first Lush product was “Grease Lightning” which my sister gave me. It’s a spot treatment thing, but since it didn’t work out on my face (I don’t have any breakouts – it depends more on my hormones or what I’m eating. Sometimes my skin does its own thing…), but I tried it once when I had a mosquito bite and it worked, haha. I know this is not made for mosquito bites, but “Grease Lightning” is helping me with each bite I get every hot season – thanks ~

So, before my vacation, I decided to go there and talk about some products. I wanted to spend money, but I also wanted to get something which really benefits me. I decided to go with a sea salt peeling which I will definitely show you, too! When I went to pay for my product, I found this weird looking tooth paste. Oh boy. I read so much about plastic beads being inside of diverse shower gels and even tooth paste. People report that they switch over to making their own tooth paste by mixing baking powder or diverse other things…which make me shake my head. Are we really forced to do this?

Hey, I’m honest. I love my tooth paste and I am so picky when it comes to the flavor and texture…but this plastic bead issue was somehow in my head and I was open to research for new additions. I asked the guy at the Lush store what it was and he explained that people love their tooth tabs. They come in different flavors and you won’t need any tooth paste again.
“Hmm, okay!” I thought. There was this golden glittery tab which smelled so weird, but good at the same time, something hit me inside and begged to take it home with me. I told the guy that I wanted to look for a tooth paste alternative and he suggested me to try some of the tabs! I chose the golden ones and I didn’t care about the other flavors. The rest was history.

I took these golden babies with me to Paris, where I tried my first teeth brushing routine without a liquid gel. How to use the tabs? It’s easy! On Lush’s website, you can see a little film where a girl is brushing her teeth – so no worries, you can’t fail! I was a bit “scared” in the beginning, because I hate putting tabs or things like that in my mouth…it makes me want to throw up! Nevertheless, I took a disco tab, put it in my mouth and smashed it between my teeth. Oh god, what a feeling. There were a lot of little dusty pieces in my mouth and I tried to communicate with my brain: don’t swallow it, don’t swallow!!! I got goose bumps, but at the same time I tried to concentrate on the flavor. The golden version is called “Bling!” and it is made of Papain extract, guarana seed powder, and Brazilian orange oil I feel super tropical.

Guess what, after a few seconds, my tooth brush entered my mouth and the next thing I saw when I checked myself in the mirror, was a huge bubble party in my mouth. While the first bites made me want to throw up (just because I hate the feeling of tabs in my mouth), I was in love with the flavor. For a second, I thought I was eating candy – it was sweet and super enjoyable. No burning, no nothing! As soon as I started brushing, my mouth was full of foam and it got more and more. Everything felt fine – I spit some of it out and I still had my party keep rocking in my mouth. When I was done, the first seconds felt weird. I needed to check that all of the tab is being removed and my teeth felt a bit tab glazed if you know what I mean. Then, when I cleaned my mouth with more water, the “bad feeling” was gone and my mouth felt very clean and my teeth felt so smooth. What I like is that the taste stays for a little bit and I felt beyond clean – yeah, I feel like my dish washer – so good!

I looked at my shiny golden fellas and I thought about the price again: 9,95€ for 50g. Oh boy…I am always paying 99 cents for my tooth paste when it’s on sale…but do I want to spend 10 bucks for a little bit of tropical candy vibes?
This is where I want to start to discuss with you: do you have any experiences with alternative tooth pastes? Did you try Lush’s offer or have you tried something similar? Feel free to share anything which is on your mind ~ I’d love to hear from you!

*If you want to try Lush's tooth tabs as well, don't worry about spending money on something you might not like. Go to a Lush store in your area and ask if you can test some; I got a box of samples which consisted of 9 shimmy shimmies and I didn't have to pay a cent! I guess this makes Lush the most friendliest and just coolest place on earth!