3:46 PM These days are full of so many emotions and things happening around us. I announced it a couple of weeks ago: I want to discuss a new book for the Off Color book club and I feel so good that I made the choice of studying this book. “Game Changers: The Unsung Heroines of Sports History” by Molly Schiot is the perfect book the world is needing right now!

As an active person and all-time lover of great athletic stars, I wanted this book really bad. Back in the days, I loved watching sports on TV and picking my favorite soccer or basketball players. There were so many great athletes out there and I also enjoyed sheering for diverse people of whom I never heard of when I watched the Olympics. “Crazy.”, I thought. Those people invest so much time and energy in their sports…I don’t know who they are, but they live for those tiny victory moments, furthermore, they even live to the fullest, when they train hard to break the next record – this is their life. How come?

I never felt such an inspiration through sport. I leaned back and enjoyed watching other people live their dreams. My body physique didn’t allow me to be the fastest runner, or highest basketball player – if you know what I mean. I felt like I wasn’t made for any kind of sports. I will find my own way one day…
With 22, the day finally came and I fell in love with running. That’s my sport. I trained hard, I still work out a lot and this literally became my new life – and guess what: I LOVE IT! There are days where I don’t feel any motivation. I feel frustrated and weird…then I check out what the community is doing. My friends are runners, too, I exchange and we motivate each other. My friends became my role models and I enjoy being around those beings so much! Am I too old for role models? Hell no.

I told you, I am not a die-hard feminist, and my role models were always guys, no girls, so I am still looking for the female people who can push me beyond my limits. I want to be a woman who says that women have made me do this and that. I want to feel proud to be inspired by women…not always men.

Amazon recommended me this book. Why? I don’t know, but it entered my life at the most perfect time. Also during those women marches right now and the times where females have to stick together more, I believe Molly’s book is a good starter to help and inspire.
Within the book you will find the most inspiring stories from female athletes from all around the world. Wyomia Tyus, Wilma Rudolph, Ann Koger, Junko Tabei – have you ever heard about those women?

I didn’t have any expectation of the book. I knew it will be filled with great stories from even greater athletes...When I got the book and I checked the first pages, I was speechless. So many names and I don’t even know what people I am looking at right now. Every Sunday, I sat down to study some women. The book has so many great stories to offer and as a photographer, I have to say that the pictures are also very intriguing to look at. No matter if you are into swimming, basketball, hockey, skateboarding or whatever there is – you will read about a woman who fought for her sport. There are moments where you catch yourself with an open mouth, because you learn about how certain events happened in the past or you even notice how much modernism you are enjoying now. Back in the days, it was harder to be a woman…it was hard to accept that some women were beating men, because they could perform just as good as them. Women are strong. They always proved this and this book will give you the kick in your behind that you need.

We have to stop saying we can’t do this. We got the power to change the game. Girls can win, girls can succeed. Girls can inspire and girls can reach whatever goal they are working towards.

If I happen to have a daughter one day, this book will hopefully help to find the female role model which I didn’t have growing up.

Please support Molly’s great work and feel free to be proud being a woman!

Thank you Molly for this great book!

In case you haven't read the book, get yourself a copy here.