8:21 PM My life. Yeah, sounds weird, but running has become my life. I don't want to miss it and that's why I enjoy each running season more. Right before winter hits us, I get a little panic attack, because I know the days will be freezing and so dark. For runners, the cold is actually the best weather, but to be honest, there are times where I don't want to be outside, because my skin hurts, breathing is super hard, and the nose is running as well. Then, when winter is around, I actually get excited, because I get to wear cool thick sweaters or thermo clothing and my body heat will help me forget about the cold! Here where I live, the streets are always empty during the cold season - better for me! What some people need to understand is that no matter what season - you don't have to stop running! Why pausing for 3,4,5 months? Keep on pushing and take the climate as a challenge! In the next weeks, you will have a couple of moments where you may not be able to go running outside, but make sure to try it, even if the temperature outside says 0°C. The secret is: there is always a way! No excuses, no reason to be scared - it's all about preparation! 


1. Thermo clothes! Don't go outside with a T-shirt or shorts: it's time for long sleeves. Yes, your body will sweat, but you don't want to get sick eiter! Your body temperature will cool down, you breathe in a lot of cool air, so you need to wear the best clothes to keep your body temperature high. Take care of your skin! I'm telling you...the clothes are the most important thing about winter running! Protect your skin and your health and the rest will follow ~
2. Something for the beauty freaks out there: buy a loooot of lotion! Moisturizing our skin is so important during these cold months! Some people get really dry shins and the skin looses the silky and smooth feeling! Treat your body extra hard and use it whenever you feel like your body needs it!
3. Also, make sure to have a chapstick or something for your lips with you! The heater inside and the dry and cold air outside will drive your lips crazy! Before you hit the streets, make sure to apply some balm. It's really not a big deal, since you can do this within 5 seconds ~
4. Heat wraps or warming balm for your body. It's icy outside, but you couldn't resist to run? No problem... your body is perfectly warm after a couple of minutes of running, but you may also know the moment, when you feel the body heat which you produced, but your body is also feeling the outside temperature. Wind, snow, or rain can help make you feel cold faster, so as soon as you get home, take a warm shower or apply heat wraps on your back and legs. I love applying a kind of warming balm on my shins or feet, since it helps my muscles to regenerate. It's like after running spa - this makes running during winter time even sexier, right?
5. Gingerrrr. My favorite secret weapon! I always carry ginger with me, haha, but only because it keeps me fresh, happy and it's so good for my body! Since you need to drink a lot, make sure to step your drinking game up: flavor your water and infuse it with the right ingredients which push you even harder during the cold months! 
6. Vitamins, vitamins, and more vitamins! Why not starting the day with a hot lemon? Push your immune system and get tough like a warrior! Eat some oranges, grapefruits or anything with a lot of vitamins! Nourish your muscles and you will run like a king!
7. I already said it, but I will emphasize it again: keep on drinking! I know we sweat in a different way in winter than we do in summer...we don't feel super thirsty when it's cold outside, but staying hydrated is so important - it doesn't matter what season we are in! Even if you don't feel the need to drink, give your body the amount of liquidness it deserves. During and after you run, you need a good blood circulation - help your body out! 

7 easy tips! Lovebirds, are you ready to run? Check your closet: are there enough warm clothes? Did you drink enough and ate your vitamins? Hit the streets and treat yourself with a good spa session afterwards! Man, it can be so easy ~