Sonntag, Dezember 4

9:47 AM Ahhh, Paris. Writing about you again makes my heart melt. There are so many awesome places to see and enjoy in your beautiful neighborhoods. There is still so much more for me to experience, so I will surely update this guide for you in the future! If you happen to go to Paris soon, check out my tips and I hope I can show you places of which you haven't thought of! 

I miss my daily croissants and the mix of diverse cultures - it was so inspiring and refreshing! 
Have you been to Paris yet? Please share some tips if you have been there! I am always happy to hear from you and I love to get inspired as well! 
Have a wonderful Sunday, lovebirds and don't forget to stretch! 

1 ZAZZA | Café, cocktails and pizza - is there a better combination? $$
2 COLETTE | The wonderland for all hipsters, design and art freaks or whatever you categorize yourself  $$-$$$$
3 MAISON KITSUNÉ | One of my favorite brands...awesome French aesthetics $$ 
4 COMME DES GARCONS | My life, my inspiration. $$$
5 CHENGDU DUMPLINGS | We all love dumplings, right? $ 
6 GALERIE PERROTIN | Try to get some inspiration when you travel. Art is always a good idea! $
7 PALAIS DE TOKYO | Today, this museum is on everyone's list! Get inspired and also enjoy the great architecture of the museum! It's eye candy for everyone ~ $
8 OFR. SYSTEM | A hidden treasure for all the art book and magazine lovers! You can find anything there! $$ 
9 MIZNON | Israeli food is super trendy in Paris! This spot is treating you too well! $
10 MARCEL | The paradise of breakfast and brunch! From pancakes, to waffles, and French toast - it's beyond delicious! $ 
11 LOUVRE | A must see for everyone. Just like the Eiffel Tower, this place is Paris. Go and watch the Mona Lisa smiling at you. $
12 EIFFEL TOWER | You don't need to get up the tower if you don't want to (the waiting time is also pretty long), but standing in front of the symbol of friendship and freedom is so beautiful to watch (especially at night!)  $ 
13 BOB'S JUICE BAR | Too many calories so far? Get something healthy before you eat another croissant! $$ 
14 EPISODE VINTAGE | I love, love, love vintage shops! You too? You must go there! $-$$ 
15 HOKKAIDO | Just because I love Japanese food. $$
16 PAIN PAIN | I fell in love there. The BEST PASTRY in the city! Believe me!  $-$$

Doesn't this sound like a lot of fun? Oh boy, and there's even more!! 
Enjoy Paris to the fullest and live like a king! ~ 

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