Freitag, Dezember 2

12:34 PM It's dark and cold outside - the perfect time to spend some extra time getting cozy and drink a hot cup of tea. Personally, as a tea freak, I drink tea all year around since it helps me starting my day or ending a chaotic and busy day with some peace. But there are plenty of people out there, who connect closer with tea when the days get shorter and the body is craving for some hot flavored water. 

As a kid, I was totally into the weirdest flavors and I was getting excited when tea tasted like candy! While growing up, I fastly switched to herbal teas and ended up being a dear lover of green tea. I don't know how long I've been drinking green tea, but I am still looking for new flavors or different companies. Because...let's be honest: we don't like spending too much money on our teas and then we invest in a very expensive one and then it doesn't taste - what a dilemma! 

I still got issues of choosing the right tea for me. Is every green tea the same? Why is this one more expensive? What weird flavors are mixed here? It feels like I will never understand it! 
Due to my budget, I found the perfect match which I drink every morning and I have to say it is the perfect buddy to brighten up my day and my wallet is also okay with the $ I spend every 1-2 weeks. (I will show you my favorite very soon!)

When we went to Paris, we saw Starbuck's new commercial, celebrating their new Teavana collection. I know some people at Starbucks and it's not a secret that I love stopping by here and then when I want a special cup of coffee! What I remembered was that Starbucks is not made for tea...the tea there is not really enjoyable and so I always came there to grab a cup of coffee.
In Paris, I was intrigued with the new package design and also they were demonstrating the flavors and notes of the teas - let's get it oooon, I thought.

My sister and I were smelling all of them and I was beyond surprised how fresh and good they smelled! It was something really new to me - good job! One thing which stood out right in the beginning was the Youthberry white tea: a fresh note of summer with pineapple - too good to be true! Next to three different green teas you also get the classics such as earl grey or chai! The only thing which still bothers me a bit is the price! 5$ for 12 tea bags...

But, I won't complain for now. I'm on the haunt for good tea and I want to treat my body. Here, on Off Color, I'd like to discuss more about tea, so I will surely talk about this topic more often in the future! The Teavana collection is a very nice start, Starbucks, but I hope you will create more exotic and outstanding flavors! Why not ~ 

How about you? Do you enjoy tea? What's your current favorite? 
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