3:38 PM It's the perfect time to sit down, get cozy, and drink a hot cup of tea! I have been appreciating tea more and more the older I get. I remember tea as a soothing helper when I was sick...During Christmas, I think about the times when I sat down with my mom, watched old movies and drank special Christmas blends. As a kid, this was all I knew about tea and to be honest, I didn't really care much further. We don't live in a tea nation like Asia, where it's normal to drink a lot of tea, so I never really had the feeling to get to know more about the drink itself. 

Christmas is my favorite season and somehow I always looked forward to choose a certain tea for the colder months. This is a highlight I loved, but it only happened once a year. 

The older I got, the more I understood about it. I do love coffee as well, but tea gave me something which I can't explain until today. 

During my years at university, I started drinking a lot of green tea and a side effect of that was that I opened my eyes more for teas and their impact on our bodies and actions. No matter what supermarket I visited, I always checked their tea shelves: so many blends, so many rich flavors, and some labels really have the coolest package design around

At work, I always bring tea for the team and I love to exchange with my Asian co-workers about green tea and its diversity: there is so much I still have to learn! Don't ask me how much tea I've been consuming - it has been quiet a lot. The good thing about this is that I am so stoked about trying new flavors, new blends, and anything beyond! I know there are many tea companies out there which I have to try, but one already caught my eyes in a heart beat

I was looking for Christmas presents online when I found this awesome tea company from Berlin: Paper & Tea. I realized the best Christmas gift this year is tea and since I was so in love with their design, blends, and huge offer, I decided to gift some teas to my sister. 

You might remember that I wanted to do my own Vlogmas this year, but unfortunately it didn't work out. Before that, I contacted Paper & Tea to create something sweet together! Just because Vlogmas didn't work out, doesn't mean I'm not providing you with cool Christmas content... 
I believe that tea is a major essential during winter time and so I want to focus on a little tea party today, before Santa comes. 

Paper & Tea surprised me with two lovely master blends which couldn't be better to start with. "Berry Pomp" and "Sweet Lullaby" are two blends which will make your heart smile big! I am not an expert when it comes to fruit teas, so "Berry Pomp" is an interesting blend to experiment with berries and flowers. I told you about the Christmas tea I always drank with my mom - it was a strawberry winter tea and I loved the taste of fresh berries! "Berry Pomp" makes me think about my old memories and it is underlining this flavor with rich hibiscus flowers. There is so much more going on in your mouth after tasting it and I am so happy about the flavor! There are tea companies which create teas that taste a bit weak and their smell is better than their taste. If you happen to get a Paper & Tea tea, you open the box and you already smell all the ingredients in 5 seconds. Once you brew your tea, you can re-brew it another time and guess what - the taste is not going anywhere! Each cup you drink is so intense! I am beyond excited about this!

I started to drink green tea, to have a fresh start into the day and also to sit back and relax a little bit. In the evening, I sat down and enjoyed a cup of "Sweet Lullaby", since I had a really stressful day. I never really tested a blend for better sleep, so I was really excited to try a cup of this lullaby. Again, I was so amazed about the little flavor wind which entered my nose when I opened the box. I took a closer look and I had to touch the tea...There are real chunks and you can see the different flavors, whether it is a blossom, or berries, or simple herbs - I love that and I believe this helps making the flavor come out more! "Sweet Lullaby" is also a blend which you can re-brew and after I removed my tea egg from my hot cup, I was already jumping up and down. I was so excited to try this, but I was also a bit doubting if this blend benefits my sleep. How does that work?

I took a sip and I drank my tea in a couple of minutes. The flavor here was rich, too, and I loved the mixture of a herbal classic (chamomile tea) with a fresh kick (apple blossoms). An hour later, I got ready for bed and I didn't remember that I wanted to observe myself if I behave differently or if I get sleepy sooner or not. All I remember was that I was super calm and I fell asleep right away. The thoughts about the tea came back the next morning and I was smiling big, because I felt like I finally found the perfect sleeping helper! 

Thank you Paper & Tea for choosing those fantastic flavors for me! You surprised me with the perfect blends and I am beyond happy for working on this little project! The best thing is when you work on a creative project and it includes a pleasure of yours which simply fulfills you. I already wrote a list with the next flavors I want to try and I will surely report on that here on Off Color. My sister will get the two master blends for Christmas (I hope she's not reading it) and I can't wait to see her face when she openes her present!

If you happen to live in Berlin, make sure to visit one of the two tea boutiques where you can get Paper & Tea's full range, or order online right here
I created a little video where I introduce you to "Berry Pomp" and "Sweet Lullaby".

Drink more tea, lovebirds! 

Create your own tea ceremony and appreciate those rich flavors! A ritual like this can brighten up your day (especially during Christmas time!). 

- This post is a collaboration with Paper & Tea - the opinion you are reading above is my own -