3:28 PM Are you done planning your New Year's party? Or are you already excited about going to a special place where you can shake the whole year off and welcome 2017 in the best way possible? I know there are plenty of people out there who are lost, but happy thinking about their NYE plans. Celebrating the new year always invites to dress up and many people take this opportunity to go shopping (I feel you!). 

I basically did the same thing each year and I was always excited to check out some crazy party looks to kick off the new year. The older I got, the more I wanted to have a very comfortable evening without dressing up and investing all of my money! Don't get me wrong - I love to dress up sometimes and I remember all of the parties I went to, taking care of my hair, make-up, and took me so long and no one basically cared! I felt pretty good, but at the end of the day, I was always craving my sofa and my favorite sports tight. 

Now that I am older and I don't need to hang around my high school friends anymore, I am super satisfied with staying at home and watch my favorite movies while eating tons of ice cream or Christmas cookies leftovers. 
Yesterday, while I was browsing through winter sale, I noticed that all the NYE looks include high heels and in addition to that anything else has to sparkle like crazy. Do people feel comfortable like that nowadays? Do all the people dress up the same way when they come to their NYE parties? That must be horrible. 

That's why it's my duty today to show you a very sexy alternative for high heels: SNEAKERS, OF COURSE! Once again...I'm not against it, but have you noticed that dancing and being up half of the night can be hard in high heels. Sneakers will help you survive in the best way possible plus, some sneakers are even sexier than high heels - so say bye bye to them and be happy to not have any painful feet. 

What do you think about those three looks? 
Tell me about your NYE outfit? Are you celebrating? I want to hear all the stories! ~