4:53 PM Right on Christmas Eve I finally got my new running shoes, perfect timing, I thought! With all my new running gear, I went outside and said hello to Mother Nature (it had been too long...) I chose to go quiet early, because I hate when my neighbors follow each step of mine...It brought me mentally back to NYC...where I run and stretch and no one is watching! 

After my successful run through Central Park, I decided to finish my home bound with a run through the neighborhood plus a stretching finale at Washington Square Park. People who read this blog might know about my love for WSP...you have not experienced NY until you visited WSP. The place looks super innocent, but believe me, I already had two life changing experiences there. Go ahead and find out yourself!

There he is. WSP won't ever change and that's what makes me the happiest. 
I brought my beloved Roses + Pines sweater with me and paired it with my 2 in 1 Nike shorts - the best comfort during crazy temperature ups and downs! Also a current running essential of mine is next to water the perfect base cap! I don't like running around with silly ear warmers and with beanies I feel like I get a sweaty head. A little color during the grey days will satisfy your heart and that's why my nike hat is the perfect buddy for my current runs! 
You never know about the winter weather, but with this look I was definitely fighting the best way against the winter or fall blues! 

WSP, you always make me happy.
Stretching in the early morning hours with no one, but a couple of pigeons - that's my sexy fantasy. 

I hope your Christmas was beyond amazing, lovebirds! If you feel too bad due to food coma or other happenings during your holidays, lace up and run yourself happy ~
No matter where you run - share your stories! I can't wait hearing them!