9:01 AM I'm not sure if this pumpkin dessert is perfect for December, but eating pumpkin soup all day may bore you after a little bit, so you get this delicious dessert today from me. It's not a secret: a.) I love pumpkins and b.) I love cinnamon rolls. Combining those two things seemed unsexy to me somehow...
Last year, I did pumpkin waffles for Thanksgiving which surprised me a lot, because it tasted super good! This year I told myself to experiment more and since the waffles were awesome, I thought it's time to add this ingredient to another yummy treat. Let's see what happens!

A trip to Ikea made me fall in love with Swedish cinnamon rolls, which are called Kanelbullar. Funny that I never tried them before, but in my world, I only knew the juicy and moist American ones (I am NOT a fan of German cinnamon rolls, so bye to those...). I was afraid to try them first, because they look a bit dry and boring, but we all know that one should never judge a book by it's cover! I bought some Kanelbullar and at home, I was speechless! I ate them warm and I couldn't believe that they tasted SO GOOD! The Swedish use a special sugar to keep them extra sweet - they were crispy and moist at the same time: like HOW?! My brain told me...the next sweet recipe won't be the traditional cinnamon roll recipe, I will try to be Swedish and bake a Kanelbullar version of it! Now the fun part: let's be crazy and add some pumpkin flavor, because it's still fall and why should we always eat the same things! SPICE UP THE KITCHEN, LOVEBIRDS! ~ 


YOU NEED one half Hokkaido pumpkin + 90ml lukewarm water  + 1 teaspoon salt + 1 teaspoon dry yeast + 2 tablespoons sugar + 85g butter + 2 eggs + 2 cups flour + the filling: 1 tablespoon cinnamon + 1/4 cup sugar + 40g butter
FOR EXTRA DECORATION 1 cup of pumpkin seeds + brown sugar or normal sugar for caramelizing the seeds 

1. Melt the butter and mix it with the yeast, salt, egg, sugar, and water in a mixing bowl.
2. Add the flour step by step, using a spoon until you get a soft, but not sticky dough. 
3. Cut the pumpkin into little chunks and cook them until they are soft. Mix the pumpkin in a blender afterwards and add it to the dough. Blend everything well! Let the dough to rise for 2 hours.
4. Roll the dough to a 30cm by 40cm rectangle. Take your time, it's not easy sometimes... Cover it with butter first, then sprinkle sugar and cinnamon over it. 
5. Now fold the dough like a business letter. One third, followed by the remaining third on top of the other two thirds.
6. Take out a knife and cut the rectangle into 2cm strips.
7. Twist the strip of dough then tie it into a knot. Be creative - look at my result...haha do it however you like! The technique is tricky, but after the first time you will do it ~ 
8. It's time to rest again! Place the buns on a tray and cover them for about 30 more minutes. 
9. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180°C and bake the Kanelbullars for 30 minutes until they are golden and a bit crispy at the edges. 
10. During the baking process, you can start caramelizing the pumpkin seeds in a pan with sugar! Wait until sugar fully dissolves over medium heat. Add the seeds as soon as sugar gets darker, but take care, the darker the sugar the more bitter it tastes at the end! You can add the caramelized seeds at the end on top of each Kanelbullar or you skip this step and enjoy them just like that! 
11. Enjoy them warm! They are too good to be true! 

This is how fall should smell! I am so happy about the result and the taste is....shall I tell you or do you want to try it yourself? Haha, lovebirds, I can tell you that this is the BOMB! 
Have fun baking this recipe ~ tweet or write me if you happen to test this recipe as well!