Samstag, Dezember 24

4:43 PM I'm full and beyond happy! This morning, I got up early, did my yoga pose and stretched a lot! I also had a bit of time left until I went to work, so I did an extra workout, because I knew about my calories I will enjoy later... After being at work for a little bit (yes, I work on Christmas...), I was so happy to see my family and know to be eating the good stuff soon. What can I say? The food was beyond amazing and I definitely ate too much - that's Christmas! 
I hope you have a great Christmas as well: yummy food, laughter, good vibes, and especially a lot of love! I love you all for working out with me the last 24 days and I am so happy that I could motivate some of you to try something new! 
What are your plans for today? And most importantly, what do you eat with your family? Share all your secrets with me!

I'm off now for today...and I will relax to this lovely little mix I did for you! Whether you listen to it while washing the dish, or unwrapping the gifts - I take you to somewhere tropical with a twist of classical Christmas vibing! ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS, LOVEBIRDS!! 

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