11:36 AM Merry Christmas again. Merry everything and I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Christmas Eve, followed up by a cozy morning with plenty of hot chocolate or tea. I took the opportunity and tested my new running shoes...My Christmas run was really hard, haha, but now I'm ready to eat more! How was your Christmas? I can't wait to hear your stories!

I know Christmas is a pain in the ass for some people and since every store is closed, people are forced to stay at home. What shall we do then? I got an idea for you...how about a new book for the Off Color book club? It's time to share new great words and even greater inspiration! 

Since I love to talk about diverse books: whether it be a cookbook, a history book, or random story telling...I got you! I will always show you something which inspires beyond - pinky swear! 

I thought it's time to celebrate strong women out there who changed the game, not only for me, but also for all the sisters who love living the active life. 
With being a woman, we still struggle with this daily competition between men and women. Clichés and stereotypes beat us down without giving us a chance to prove the opposite. Fact is, we are stronger than many think. We are women, we are controlled by our hormones sometimes and we get hangry too fast...but we do have brains, passion, and strength to show you that we can be someone, too! 

This book by Molly Schiot captures great photography combined with strong words and a lot of female power. I am not being a feminist right now, telling you to buy this book, just because we are girls and we need to kick butts. I am saying this straight from my heart, remembering when I was 14 or even a bit younger. I wasn't an athletic girl, although I liked to practice different sports...In school, I couldn't show my strengths and I was always down, because everything we did was "guys sports". We always had to play soccer and do things guys do...what about girls? We couldn't beat the guys, because guys are better at everything. NOT TRUE. We never had a chance to beat anyone, because no one let us. We were treated like naive girls who don't know where to kick the ball or how to shoot correctly. I hated it. It really teared me down. 
With this book, you can teach the young girls...show them that the future is really female! There is so much in store for us, lovebirds!

Please share your thoughts with me and while you might read the book, tweet me, or comment on this site if you need any answers. I love exchanging while reading the book - so please don't be shy!

In four weeks, I will be starting a little discussion and I hope to see you all then! ~ Happy reading!