Samstag, Dezember 24

12:03 PM Ohhh yeah. I'm a girl. I am not waking up at 12 AM to order new color palettes (I only do that for sneakers...) but sometimes I get hyped, too, when I find a perfect shade or product in general which compliments me beyond. Special holidays are my favorite days to go crazy and try something new. On Christmas, I am super girly - that means nails done, hair done, everything did! This year, I actually told myself to take it easy! There is no fancy Christmas party and my parents don't appreciate a new lipstick color or if I braided my hair...
It's Christmas eve today and right now I feel like it's my duty to dress up...Christmas happens once a year, so that means: bring out the glitter and let's shine! In between kitchen chaos and food preparations, I am thinking about a spontaneous but creative look. Looking around, I felt inspired right away! My hot chocolate inspired me for this year's festivities! Why not? I am actually happy to not have spent tons of weeks thinking and creating certain images in my head and go crazy - it's better to just go with the flow! I went and checked for the nail colors I have and this is what I created! Sometimes it can be so easy! I feel a bit relieved although no one will notice my little beauty efforts. At least I know I did it for Santa...

*The rest of my outfit won't appear here on Off Color - maybe next year! ~

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