3:42 PM The cold and foggy days turn faster to freezing winter days then we can blink with our eye. During all those season changes, my body is still confused about staying hydrated, fresh, and full of life, although it's the same procedure each year. When summer is knocking on our doors, I go nuts with all the crazy hydration and in the winter time, I am massive frustrated about dryness or weird texture. Each year, I write tips down to already be prepared next year. 

When I was in NYC some weeks ago, I was so happy about those late summer temperatures. One evening, I decided to spend an hour or such on top of my hotel to overview Nolita and Manhattan's beautiful skyline! Right before that, I jumped out of the shower - "the air is nice outside, maybe I will let them dry in a natural way!", I thought. I took my self made beanie with me (diy can be found here) just to be on the safe side! My hair is naturally a bit curly, so I was happy when I checked myself in my Iphone's camera and my hair was obviously enjoying NYC's air! A few minutes later, I checked again. The wind was getting a bit cooler and I decided to wear my beanie. I "styled" my hair a bit and noticed how dry it was all of a sudden! This freaking cool air is mad serious! I went back to my room and I remembered the season is back where one takes extra care of the hair! Where are my notes from last year? How do I get my hair silky smooth when the heaters and cold air basically ruin everything?! I'm out... don't remember anything, haha! 

Now, I will write the ideas down right here so me and you can test them and especially always remember them!! 

1. So far, I am using my conditioner once a week or sometimes even once in two weeks! During the colder seasons make sure to put your conditioner on a high priority. That doesn't mean that u should use it every day, but if you feel like your hair needs the extra kick, treat them well! 
2. It's beanie weather! It doesn't only look stylish, but who isn't lazy here and then? I feel you! The problem with beanies is that pulling it on and off creates a certain static tension which is not good for your hair! The beanie presses the hair down and it basically deconstructs all the work you put into it. To fight this issue, buy an extra volume spray which helps your hair to be bouncy and fluffy! 
3. Make sure to wash your hair two to three times a week, this will prevent your hair from drying out too much. Dry your hair before leaving the house, so you won't get a cold!! (What I did on the rooftop was not a good example...) The moisture in your hair combined with the cold air outside, will add further damage to your hair by making it more brittle and dry - that's what we don't want!!
4. Argan Oil is a great product to use during cold spells as they moisturize the hair instantly. 
5. After washing your hair, consider rinsing the longer part of your hair with cool water. It will close its pores and lock in the moisture to make it shiny and smooth. (Also make sure to not shower too hot - wash your hair with lukewarm water!) 

You see it is all about keeping the hair smooth and shiny! The cold is our enemy, but there are ways to beat that fella and walk through winter with perfect hair #slay ~

What are your personal tips when it comes to winter hair? Do you survive?