Dienstag, Dezember 6

9:53 AM I have spent so much time with you and to be honest, I never cared who you are! Do I have to worry about my environment? I'm not sure...our planet looks quiet okay if you ask me - it's not up to me to save the world. But that's the point. Everyone thinks like that! I am not pretending to be an anti-plastic person my whole life, but through education and a lot of dedication I started to learn more about this issue and that's why I love to talk about topics like this here on Off Color. I want you to understand essential things which may make us blind or naive sometimes. It's time to be brave and make the first move. 

Today I would like to discuss a subject which is so normal to all of us. People who read this blog know that I'm a coffee freak and hell yeah, I am one of the people who loves to go to Starbucks or other coffee houses. I have enjoyed hundreds of coffees and I always order mine to go, so each time I get a pretty cup with a pretty plastic lid - who cares about that? I got my coffee and I'm happy. 

Being older also means to take care of my environment. We are lucky to live in certain locations...we have access to clean water - we are super blessed, but we don't see it. In addition to that, we punish Mother Nature with an aggressive attitude and we give thanks by destroying our planet and rich resources. Is that fair? No.

The problem is that people believe that the issues like climate change and everything which depends on that such as our oceans or the Arctic Sea, won't affect us at all. We will all be dead by then. WRONG. Do we care about the future of our children and their children? NO. They will figure a way out - it's not our issue anymore. Is it fair to pass those issues from generation to generation while one suffers more than the other? You know what I'm trying to explain here...

Fact is, I said it so many times in earlier posts, in the next 20-30 years, our planet will suffer so much that we will kill it! The oceans will die and life without the oceans isn't possible. Think about that! It's not too late to change something, so all we need right now is a common understanding of our environmental footprint. It's not your neighbor who pollutes the environment, it is me and you. EVERYONE. It doesn't matter what we do: our water bottle, our plastic cups, our plastic trash and the factories which produce all that crap, using all important resources and tons of energy. 

I know it's a lot of info and some things are shocking to read, such as all the numbers or facts which are actually so obvious, but somehow we love to ignore that. It's winter time and I know the feeling of freezing so bad that you are craving a hot cup of coffee or tea - why not get one at your favorite place? It's only a cup and it's not going to kill our environment - it's cold, I need it. 

I get you.
I feel the same!

But today, I think about it a bit differently. All summer, I was getting excited about Starbuck's red holiday cups! As soon as the red cups come, I feel Christmas is coming closer and closer: happy times ~ But hold up. That's it? Is there no other way to be happy about Christmas? I am not saying you should say no to coffee, lovebirds! All I am saying is that those cups are messing us up. They are not helping us in one single way - there are better ways to enjoy our coffee! 

How about some facts? Americans, for example, throw away 25 billion Styrofoam coffee cups every year. They consume 400 million cups of coffee per day which would be equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee per year. According to a study which was conducted by Starbucks in April 2000 (numbers are different now), each paper cup is responsible for 0,24 lbs of CO2 emissions. Our nature is not happy about that. I can imagine that.

1 paper cup is made of 43g of wood, 4,1g petroleum, 1,8g of chemicals - if we would save a cup a day for 40 years, you could save 24 trees, 18 days of power for your house, and 1800 pounds of wood. 

I don't want this post to be all negative. Let me say it again: I want the whole world to drink and enjoy their coffee or tea, but I want us to approach to this in a different and more ecological way. Plastic is not helping us and we finally need to wake up from this nightmare. 

I am happy that at least some people or companies try to fight against this issue. Starbucks, I love you and at the same time I hate your cups. During my research, I found out that you created a reusable plastic cup which looks like the paper ones, but they are made from a "recyclable" plastic. Now, clients can come in with this cup or use it as a refill in store when they already had a drink. The customers will receive ten cents off their ordered drink and people like me will smile again! This principle is made or created for the American market, so I am not sure if and when this hits the European shops.
But we don't need to be sad, because we can also help and support. Mostly everyone of us has a to go tumbler or a bottle which is able to keep hot water or coffee warm, right? Why is no one using those anymore? Some say it's easier to throw away the paper cups, but did you realize that tumblers do make more sense? Yeah, you have to carry it with you all day, but your drink will stay warm for a longer time, you can save material which also means less use of natural resources and the most important thing is that you can save 30-50 cents (it matters where you live) if you bring your own cup or tumbler to your favorite Starbucks place!!! The whole world knows about the great taste of Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or wherever you go. No one needs to run around with a white cup where you can see the coffee house's label. Oh, look, I went to xy. Sorry babe, I don't care. If you only get your cup to show off then you are dumb. People, there's more behind the scenes you should understand! 

Since I am not holy, I don't want to tell you what to do and act like me. But this is what I do: no more cups, only my tumbler will join me to my coffee sessions. It is so much better for me to drink my favorite beverage out of my favorite tumbler. It is more personal and my heart smiles, because I saved some bucks and Mother Nature can be proud of me! Namaste ~ 

If you happen to use the traditional paper cups, be creative and try to recycle them in your own way. I use one old cup of mine as a candle holder - super handy! 

On Pinterest, I found a couple other ideas such as:
- create a Christmas calendar with 24 old cups - draw on them or glue other patterns on top.
- how about festive Christmas lights? put one in each cup and you can hang the string of Christmas lights somewhere to highlight your room.
- creative? use one cup for all your pens and crayons. 
- messy? organize your cables or electronic things in an old cup, so you won't lose it. 
- the cold beverages cups are perfect for your green thump: build a terrarium.

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