6:42 PM This year, I also wanted to create a special gift guide, since there is more to give then typical "stereotype kind of presents", right? If I showed you my private wishlist, I think some of you would be confused and there are not many people out there who share the same interests like I do. 

There is one thing, which became super important to me the last 3 years or such: it's running and being active! In general, I am a very cozy person: I only own one pair of high heels, I love sports clothes, and I love wearing jerseys like dresses. Being more active is the best excuse to me to invest in great running gear, haha. I am still looking for the perfect running shoe and each season, I treat myself with new shirts or shorts - it depends on my mood! (also my bank account of course...geez, those things cost so much!!)
If you happen to know such a person as well...don't buy something crazy: take it easy and check out my ideas! We runners are also happy when you get us a couple of fancy energy bars in which we wouldn't invest or a cool water bottle to show off wherever we practice! Get inspired and don't take this Christmas shopping too serious! All that matters is l-o-v-e.