Sonntag, Dezember 11

10:33 PM Every year the same struggle. After Christmas, we always tell ourselves that next year everything will be different: we will start planning earlier, we will shop earlier, and especially think about our present ideas earlier! Then...we find ourselves sitting around, thinking about the best gift idea ever and somehow our brains are empty. No idea, nothing. Time is running and we are getting frustrated! But that's the reason why I'm here: always inspiring you and providing you with ideas and little things for your personal lovebirds! 

Today I would like to start with the ladies...just because "ladies first!"
The good thing is that girls always love anything! There is so much to choose from and most of the time we already create so many wishlists that it's easy to make us happy! It get's worse when it comes to the opposite sex - I bet you know this issue. 

I guess men are happy that simple things like make-up or weird accessories drive us crazy, but that doesn't mean that we want perfume every year. Ask your mom, sister, best friend, or girlfriend for some inspiration, but also try to be creative! Think about a gift which she could really use and add a personal note to it! 

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