5:25 PM I spent my whole day lazy being in bed. It wasn't planned, but I have to say it feels good to relax and enjoy some time off. Christmas candy is still hunting me and I feel like I need to work out double as much as usual...
Thank god the year will end tomorrow and a new month is starting as well! After December's yoga Christmas calendar, I decided to not let you pause for too long! I know some of you are totally into: a new year, a new me - I need to work out asap! There you go! 
For all of those, I have created an easy challenge which makes you welcome the new year in the best manner and also it will help you to boost self confidence, because this is what we need! 
Most challenges are so hard that we stop after 2-3 days and our fresh motivation is gone in a second. I don't want you to give up, I want you to push harder and stick to your motivation and goals! 

I created a squat challenge, since we all love butts, right? Ladies, don't underestimate this though...Working on your glutes can be a pain sometimes, too, but we all know about the result...it will be so worth it! Don't forget, in a couple of months we will have to wear shorts again, so now it's time to give your body the perfect shape! Who's with me? 

Let's give some extra love to all our beautiful behinds ~

With the plan above, you see what you have to do every day...what you do besides of this challenge is up to you! If you happen to have any questions, make sure to write them here as a comment or talk to me on Twitter - I will always be around! Use the hashtag #buttIcare and I will find you easier in internet land! Are you excited? Well, I am!