10:01 AM While I am done with my daily stretch, I make myself up and check what's up in internet land. Outside, I am not really feeling many Christmas vibes except of the Christmas market. In the grocery stores, I'm the only one who wishes a merry Christmas. Is that wrong? While I'm browsing through the net, I am looking for something entertaining and joyful...what I get is: you have to shop this, you have to shop that, last minute here and go ahead and do this and that there. HOLD UP. Is Christmas about that kind of stuff? 
I told my sister I feel stressed out, although I am a happy buddha - at peace! Do you know this feeling when vibes around you try to bring you down or do weird things to you? Well, let me tell you...I'm done with the Christmas presents and everything is set - I am ready! So stop putting your vibes and moods on me! I love all of the gift guides (I shared some as well...) but enough is enough! Create Christmas content which inspires and fulfills! Can we all just be happy and full of excitement? Why can't we act like kids, talk about Santa and bake cookies for him! No one needs emotional stress during those times! Christmas is all about love! Love more and be grateful for the things you always take for granted! 

If you didn't buy the perfect gift...fuck it. Your tree isn't as beautiful as the one you have seen on Pinterest...fuck it. You don't know how to cook a turkey....fuck it. Oops you burned it? That's what Christmas is all about! Memories and laughter!