11:09 AM Right before I left for Paris, I got a little package from the lovely people at YSL. I heard about their newest creation "Mon Paris" and I was even more excited to receive their little sample of the fragrance. I didn't really know what to expect, but the scent really hit me! I thought it may be super girly and also a bit "over scented" if you know what I mean, but as soon as I opened the package, an incredibly amazing smell entered my nose. 

The characteristics of the scent are described like this: the top scent is pear with other juicy notes, the heart scent is datura orchid with white flowers, and the base scent is patchouli with white musk. I guess those are the perfect scents to describe Paris: lovely and charming, but also mysterious and very sexy. The fragrance is capturing the perfect spirit of falling in love and I bet it will hit you as well! 

What I also love is the fact that the fragrance is super long lasting! I put a little bit on my neck and wrist and I smelled beautifully until I fell asleep. 

So when I packed for my Paris trip, it was sure that I'm going to take this love water with me. I wore it every day and I could literally feel what's the meaning of "Mon Paris"
I rediscovered Paris and I fell in love with it one more time! Maybe YSL contributed to this...I don't know, but I am definitely sure that this is one of my favorite scents now! Thank you YSL! ~ 

Also, dear lovebirds, I thought it's time to share this. Welcome to the first part of my Paris diary. I hope you enjoy the first visuals!