Sonntag, November 13

6:00 PM It's Sunday - what a great time to share another treat I have experienced in the last couple of weeks! Paris is the city of pastry and all the delicious sins...of course I had to check out a place with the best croissants and cakes. I asked a couple of friends and I had a huge list with places I wanted to see - unfortunately, I couldn't test all of them. At our last day, when we were on the way to Sacre Coeur, we got lost somewhere and all of a sudden, we ended up at Pain Pain

We were intrigued by the whole store and its aesthetics - a cool turquoise with a golden font - let's find out what it is. We checked out the windows, when we realized that we found heaven on earth. The pastry looked so delicious and I was so ready to go inside and try all of it. 

Inside, after I took tons of pictures, we decided to invest in a few sexy things and enjoy them later in the evening before we would leave Paris. Éclairs, croissants, things I have never seen before: I want you all! My sister went with an apricot coconut tart and I chose a coffee éclaire with some chouquettes

Guys!!! This was beyond delicious and it was all the euros worth we spent. With our cool little box, we decided to continue being lost in this unknown neighborhood and we were looking forward to come back to our hotel in the evening to sit down and enjoy those little fellas. 

My eyes were already satisfied, but the taste was another thing. We were both smiling beyond and after a couple of seconds, our desserts were gone - this says everything, haha. 

I really, really love this place and I would recommend it to anyone who visits Paris! Pain Pain is the secret (maybe it's not a secret...) spot for your heart and soul! Come by and treat yourself as well! 


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