Mittwoch, November 30

2:45 PM Can you believe what you are just seeing? OH GOD - TAKE ME BACK THERE! 

Usually, my sister knows about all the cool places and she loves to do all the planning when it comes to vacation, but this time, she told me to choose wherever I want to go. I asked some Parisian friends and I also checked what Instagram liked the most. All of a sudden, I found Marcel - a place with everything fluffy I love. It looks pretty hip and modern and the price for a huge and fancy breakfast is also moderate - so I decided: we go to Marcel! 

Both, my sister and I, love breakfast, but we love brunch a little bit more, I guess. I told her to not eat before we go, because this breakfast thing will kill us! We took the subway and walked a little bit, while the sun and the blue sky were treating us! There it was...hiding in a super normal street and no one was there - jackpot for us!  

Marcel is such a cute little spot with so much detail in interior and a cozy atmosphere. We got our seats, sat down and checked the menu. I decided to go with pancakes, maple syrup and 4 blueberries and my sister chose French toast with banana and a toffee sauce. Sounds fancy, huh? A few minutes later we got our hot chocolates (which were the worst we ever had...sorry), but the food - oh em gee. It was the bomb! We took out our cameras and cellphones out and took 700 pics, because it looked so delicious and inviting! I mean look at my sister's plate...
I was a bit sad that I only had 4 blueberries...but the maple syrup was the BEST I ever had! I wanted more! I was pretty happy about my pancake and I finished this whole plate with the biggest smile ever! 

Marcel is definitely a good address for a nice brunch, quick breakfast, or a hangout spot if you want to catch up with good friends! The prices are also pretty okay for being a Paris hip spot! I would go there anytime again! 

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