Dienstag, November 1

9:50 PM I was so looking forward to write about this place and now when I think about it again, I do realize how much I miss places like this back home. After my running session in Central Park, I was literally starving and I knew that Bibble & Sip was just around corner! I heard so much good about it and Instagram made it possible for me to already choose my breakfast. It seemed like everyone is going there because of their matcha lattés or tea infused pastry. Since I am not fun to deal with when I'm hungry, I hurried down to 51st and got in line quickly. 

I was impressed. The café isn't the biggest one, but it looked nice and cozy. I was happy it wasn't too crowded, but I noticed it changed when I sat down and enjoyed my carbs. 
Many people came in to grab their morning coffee and went to work with it. While I sat on my single table, I saw other people of all ages taking pictures of their breakfast or fancy plastic cups. I decided to go anti-plastic and enjoy the hyped matcha with jasmine flavor and then came the most horrible part: choosing my pastry. 

Bibble & Sip is offering French/Asian inspired pastry and they have such a huge range to choose from. While I entered the café, thinking I would eat the same things which I saw on Instagram, I went for the total opposite and ordered a cinnamon croissant muffin. LORD HAVE MERCY! This was the best thing I ever had! First of all, who doesn't love croissants? Second, it's all flavored with cinnamon, and third...it was drizzled with white chocolate! I'm still dreaming about this...Since I had to walk all the way back to Nolita, I knew those carbs will be gone in a little bit again, haha, so I could enjoy it even more. 

So, I found myself at this little table with my matcha latte and this fancy tray with the more fancier dessert/breakfast thing. The music was playing and I just sat there to watch people. 
While my croissant heaven treated me oh so well, I was a bit disappointed when I tried the matcha! The taste was absolutely good, but the consistency reminded me more of a pudding and drinking a pudding was not so much fun to me...also none of the barista girls was nice or smiling when I ordered or later gave my dishes back, so the atmosphere bothered me at the very end. 
But, still, I don't want things like that ruin a place like this, because my stomach was totally happy when I walked back home and I think I was talking about this croissant thing weeks afterwards - it's still on my mind and I will always keep it in good memory - until next time! 

Have you been to Bibble & Sip? Would you visit this place when you come to NYC? 

BIBBLE & SIP, 253 W 51st ST, NEW YORK ($$)
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