7:01 AM Nooo way! This is a bit embarrassing and funny at the same time. I know you might think that I'm super lame when I post something with chai again. BUT, I prepared this post some weeks ago, when I had no idea that this November will deal with the chai subject so much! If you happen to be a chai freak, just like me, then you will ignore those words here and skip down to the important stuff. If not, I'm sorry - but the good thing is that any kind of waffle will rock this dish! 

So, we made it. Thanksgiving week is here!
Last year, I was hosting a little brunch where I made the craziest things out of pumpkins. Pumpkin waffles, honey glazed pumpkin, some pastries and whatever the heart loves. I upgraded myself from breakfast waffles to dinner waffles, haha.

As a German, I am so in love with the eating habits during Thanksgiving and this festive season, so I am always looking to keep the standards, but just make it a bit more modern. No disrespect to all the turkeys out there, but sometimes you need a little change here and there. I also want you to check out last year's recipe for a different kind of cranberry sauce, since we should all be inspired by mother nature's current harvest (click here to see the recipe for my berry fusion persimmon sauce). 

Since I am not the biggest chicken or turkey expert, I felt like I needed to try something which is easy to make and my heart should also explode at the same time. I thought about chickens for days...what do I like? Fried chicken!!! Hot wings, damn! Something like...hmm, how do I translate that into a festive Thanksgiving dinner?

The answer is so simple. We don't need any fancy ideas: chicken and waffles it is! To make you feel like fall, I spiced the waffles with chai (which is optional) - but with this little secret, you can re-invent a classic which is so popular and no one would say no to such a Thanksgiving dinner, right?


YOU NEED chicken breast + flour + salt + pepper + paprika + optional chilli flakes + oil for frying
FOR THE CHAI WAFFLES  2 Cups flour + 4 teaspoons baking powder + 1/2 teaspoon salt + 1/4 Cup brown sugar + 2 eggs + 1/2 Cup oil + 2 Cups chai tea latte (take two cups of milk and let in each cup one tea bag of chai rest for a couple of minutes) 

1. Cut the chicken breasts into a eatable pieces, cubes or whatever is appealing to you. 
2. Take out a bag and fill it with flour (it should be 1:1 with the chicken breast) and the spices. Make sure to not be shy and give a lot of spice in this bag!
3. Put the chicken inside the bag and shake it. The chicken should be coated from each side...
4. When you notice that the chicken could use more spice, add more spice or spice them as singles when you get them out of the bag.
5. Put oil in your pan and wait until the oil gets hot. Throw in the chicken pieces and let them fry for 2 minutes. 
6. Meanwhile mix the dough for the waffles! You can start with the chai tea latte in the early beginning and then add everything else. 
7. Pour some water into the bag and give the seasoned flour a good stir until it gets clumpy. 
8. Take out the chicken and let it rest for a minute or two (start making the first waffles). 
9. Now put the chicken back to the lovely clumpy flour mixture and coat it one more time! Feel free to also add more spices for the last time. 
10. Throw the chicken back into the oil and let it fry until it's golden brown. 
11. Check the waffles. Are they good, too? Take out a plate and create a little chicken and waffle sandwhich: waffle, chicken, waffle. 
12. PLEASE PLEASE eat it with some extra maple syrup! You will melt away ~ 

Okay, writing this down makes me hungry again - I hope you feel the same way! 
Now tell me, what will you cook for Thanksgiving? Any ideas yet? 

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Hühnchen — chicken.