Freitag, November 11

12:28 PM I don't know what to say. Maybe thank you is a good beginning. I said it in the posts before, I don't want to ignore the election's result, but also I need to continue writing my normal content here. 

What some people don't know is that I was a history major at university and I am into politics and all that stuff...that's why it was important for me to share some thoughts and inspiration when it comes to this year's elections. No, I am not American, but this election will hit the whole world. Since some Americans are blind and don't want to understand or see reality, there need to be people like us, sending wake up calls and educate the people around us. I can never say it enough: we are in this together. 

Now, am I happy about the result? NO. My generation is fed up. We are more than sad to see a person like Donald Trump win the election. Watching a woman like Hillary fighting so hard for a better world, better conditions and more peaceful democracy, just hurts me seeing this outcome. What happened to America? 

I watched the election results early in the morning while I got ready for work. My mom even talked to me asking what was going on. The train ride was weird...all of the people were quiet - no one was talking about it. My sister asked if I was okay and I didn't know what to say. Those elections hit me somehow. I am a fan of Hillary and I enjoyed watching her talking about her campaign, her ideas, and motivations. You can say that I only support her, because she's a woman...yeah, maybe. I never said that all of her work was perfect or that she never made any mistakes, but to me, I have found a role model which does too many good things to the world citizens and I believe more people should do so. 

I am a proud German when it comes to our chancellor, Merkel, because she proves every damn day that she's a strong leader and a role model for so many girls out there. We passed the time where people were doubting women to be in a leading position! I know, Hillary would have been just as good as our power girl, Merkel. The time is here and she should have won! 

The problem we are facing this week is how to deal with it. I didn't watch any news later, because I was sick of seeing Trump. I read a couple of articles online and I was impressed by the reactions which appeared online such as Instagram posts or tweets. People are really concerned and scared. Ugly things are already happening in the US and now we really need to slow down! With this new president, many issues may come and it's not going to help to riot now. I understand frustration and sadness, but now it's up to us to show that we can deal with any bad situation. We have to use this negative energy and turn it into something positive. 

I had to fight with my tears when I saw Hillary's speech, congratulating Donald and reaching out to her voters and fans. I felt empty and confused, but her speech motivated me to be stronger and try to handle this situation as good as I can. New York is my second home and I always enjoy being in the country which makes me feel free and unstoppable! I found a place which also made me who I am and I am always happy to escape to the US when my world is upside down, here in Europe. I don't want to see an America like this. I want my friends and family over there to have a good life and not live in fear. I don't know what will happen the next month, but we need to hold hands and close our eyes for a second. Thinking of what we want and how we will get there - together. 


I thank Hillary for basically being Hillary. 
No other woman has ever touched me like her. 
Hillary, you make me want to work as hard as you do, wake up with the biggest smile on this planet and fight for anything which comes my way. You empower people and especially young girls around the world to strive for greatness and you give them voices which will be heard. You don't put yourself first, you fight for equality and your strength inspires others to believe, too. You could rage about the election results, but you are a true champion, accepting your loss, congratulating Trump and show the world that now we will be closer together, because we will find a way out of this. Your healing words will change people's lives forever and hopefully you reached out to a couple of girls who want to go the same path that you chose. You didn't inspire your own country, you touched the whole world. Thank you, lady shimmy shimmy. ~


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