Dienstag, November 29

12:56 PM After realizing my running dreams in New York, I was so excited to run through Paris. Before we got there, I checked some routes where we could run and shake off our stress a little bit. On our second day, we already did the Nike run and I have to admit that this route was the most beautiful route I have ever run in my life. I mean running around the Eiffel Tower is something so magical. Can I top this? Not really, so we basically decided to run in the neighborhood where we stayed. We decided to make this our little ritual - being active in the evening, move around and afterwards get croissants or baguette to feed the soul. This is the best deal and guess what...moving for croissants is my newest motivation, haha. Our hotel was at the 10th arrondissement and I am so happy that we could go everywhere by foot, or just hop into the subway, which is by the way SO CHEAP!!! From our hotel window, we were able to see Sacré Coeur and it was nice seeing the same view when we walked around our little neighborhood! All those pretty little houses with the balconies, colorful doors, so many shops with fresh fruits and multicultural people from everywhere in the world - it felt beyond amazing! I would go there again!! What I also loved was the fact that people don't care about runners (I mean it in a positive way!). In Germany, people stop and stare, but Paris feels pretty good to just be and run - merci beaucoup! 

I said it before...we were so lucky when it comes to the weather! It felt like a mid warm summer day and in the evening it was the perfect climate to run and sweat! That's why I decided to wear my BBC T-shirt, paired with easy adidas tights - no room for colors, haha. 

Next time I am in Paris, I will definitely join the Paris Running Club for a couple of sessions! Now, lovebirds, tell you like running in foreign countries or different cities? Did you run in Paris? Share your stories! 
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