3:40 PM The challenge is over and I'm happy and sad at the same time! Happy because I am proud to see my body transform and learn new things, sad because it's November - no challenge to go through the cold days, but it will change soon! 

The namaslay challenge was a challenging and so exciting thing! I am a head person, my mind rules beyond anything else and it loves ignoring my body's signals. I knew it was time to create a challenge where I also train my mind since we all know the body and mind go hand in hand. During so many challenges, I cursed my mind, my brain, the voice inside of me which said I can't do it. How can I make it when my mind is telling me the opposite?

Since I had a couple up and downs in my life, I learned that one helping instrument was music and meditation. I love sleeping while listening to nature sounds - I think there are people out there who enjoy this, too. That's how I basically created the namaslay challenge. 

I hoped to also inspire some people out there who don't have any experience with meditation or guiding the mind. I wanted you to get to see a new way of dealing with physical activity and performance pressure. You may understand that once you did this challenge...

While my first two weeks were beyond amazing, I had a little down the third/ fourth week. The most important thing to do here is sticking to your routines...keep on pushing! We all go through hard times and we can't perform in the best way 30 days non-stop. I had a lot of stress at work and I allowed my stress to influence me and my body! From my days where I was resting well and my body felt good, I lately became super fatigue and I ate the weirdest stuff which didn't help me much. I talked about this before...

What I did was writing my goal down! No more stress, work is work, the challenge is my happy escape! I planned my days and I transformed my evening meditation to my morning ritual. I enjoyed spicing up the challenge and make it fit to my schedule the best way possible! I loved falling asleep to meditation, but I also loved waking up and say hello to the morning sun now. Giving myself fuel to enjoy the day and make it a good one! Morning meditation was my new thing and I adored it!

I found back on track and I am glad about it! 
Our bodies and minds are capable of so many things! There is no reason to give up - we can do it, no matter what! 

I feel free, I feel good. I feel powerful. 

If you haven't tried it yet, please give your body the chance to experience it as well! This challenge can be done whenever you feel like it and the best thing is that the sportive activities are all up to you: there is no 3 hour workout program - you decide if you want to sweat during a run, in the swimming pool or the gym. I hope I could introduce you to something new and make you get to know your body a little bit better, too. Thanks for participating or just reading my words! It always means a lot, lovebirds! 

How do you feel? Did you join the challenge?