Mittwoch, November 16

3:49 PM Yeah, once I started a certain theme, I will go crazy and post the world about it. Some days ago, I shared a recipe for coconut chai latte, since we are all fans of chai tea, right? Well, I am and that's all that matters, haha. When I went to the city a couple of weeks ago, I had to check our new & other stories store and oh boy, I am so happy that I didn't take much money with me - I guess this store is my favorite place to shop! I have been going to & other stories in NYC and Berlin, but I'm happy to have one store now here in my sweet hometown. 
Since I love treating myself, I allowed myself to invest into a new beauty thing and since fall/winter is always killing my lips, I decided to try one of the lip balms...with chai flavor!! 
Jaaa, 7€ for this little buddy...but I thought about the times how often I go to Starbucks to get my chai tea dose! It's worth it and my lips will be happy, too! Since chai has many rich herbs, this lip balm smells a bit spicy and the first contact on the lips is confusing for the first seconds, but one gets used to it. All in all, I am happy with my fall helper, since the balm lasts forever on the lips and I feel like the spiciness helps my lips to look even bigger. Wow, there you go! ~ Shop it right here
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