Dienstag, November 8

 9:48 AM The morning has come...the news are all about it and I guess there has never been an election like this before. I hope my dear American lovebirds know or realize how important each vote is! While I was in the US, the news were reporting so much about this election and from day to day new scandals arose - same here in Germany. The only difference is that we Germans know about the threat when mister Trump will really be the next president of the US. So many non-Americans try to wake you up and try to show you that there's only one right candidate and this is Hillary Clinton! Since we are all in this together, we need to raise our voices, educate and especially motivate! 

I already talked about Hillary some days ago and I am ready to talk about this election as much as I can, so I can reach out to at least one of you! Don't believe the media...educate yourself! Read the programs, try to understand politics and not any stupid scandals. This election is so important and please take it serious! 

I am so happy to see the actions people take to support this historical event! We all want the next president of the United States to be a female ~ LET'S DO THIS! 


*the picture above is from I Feel Like Hillz which is the dopest thing I have ever seen! Check out their Instagram and support if you haven't so far! You guys rock!! 

*Andy Warhol picture via.
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