Mittwoch, November 23

7:29 AM Where's my turkey? Haha, man, I was so happy about starting this Thanksgiving week and now the day already hit us. I know this day isn't about who cooks the best turkey, but hey...let me ask you: what does Thanksgiving mean to you? To ask further, I would also like to know: what are you thankful for? This is a very easy question - sometimes though, we tend to forget the basic things for which we should be happy and thankful about. We aren't easy to be satisfied anymore and we always want more. Let's clear our minds for a second...

I am thankful for this online community which supports Off Color with every click, smile, and heartbeat. Also I am happy to be almost healthy (hello current virus or whatever my body has been fighting against...) and I am thankful to have a crazy mind which allows me to see the world how I see it every day. There are no limits and I feel free when it comes to creative expression. I have to add here that I freed myself - it was hard to get there, but I made it. So on that note, I am also thankful for the people who have always pushed me and make me smile real big! This year is crazy - I feel too much love, so many emotions and I don't know how to deal with it. 
I guess I will talk about that further more in a couple of weeks...until then, enjoy your day with your loved ones! Have a great Thanksgiving and also enjoy this video below ~ 

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