Mittwoch, November 2

4:47 PM This post can be said in one sentence: the craziest things happen in NYC

While I was in NYC, I definitely wanted to catch up with my friends and family in the big Apple. Unfortunately, I couldn't see everyone, but with some friends I can arrange the weirdest dates and so I ended up seeing my friend H. at her evening event: taking care of crazy Woody. 

Being with people from back home is always fun in a different surrounding - we both share the same mindset and we are longing for the same values, standards, and vibes far away from home. One passion we also share is running, that's why I was really looking forward to catch up and breathe in NYC vibes together with her. I picked H. up from work and we went grocery shopping first. I actually planned to bake a fancy cheesecake, since I was prepared so damn good! I'm a bit spoiled and I only eat German cheesecake, since IT'S THE BEST IN THE WORLD (shoutout to my mom ~) and this is why I only had my German recipe with me. 

I brought my baking pan and special ingredients with me, since I knew I wouldn't get them so easily in the US. On my way to Tribeca, I hopped to my corner store and bought sugar and eggs (US portions are surreal: the smallest egg box had around 12 eggs, lol) and the rest of my ingredients where waiting for me at Whole Foods, I thought. We runners bought vitamins first of course and then I was checking for my very special ingredient: Quark which is a very thick kind of Greek yogurt, no cream cheese. I read online somewhere that people who want to bake German cheesecake with Quark go to Whole Foods to get it. We were looking for it everywhere and no Quark was insight...Also the sweet and liquid whipped cream became a tiny issue and after a couple of minutes I lost my patience and grabbed any kind of milk and Greek yogurt. 

We walked back to the apartment where we had to cat-sit this very cute, but crazy cat called Woody. On our way to Woods, we also got something to eat and of course it had to be pizza, haha. This was my final dinner in the Big Apple and my heart already started to be sad a little bit. 

When we came to the apartment, I was amazed how pretty it was. The neighborhood was awesome and the apartment itself looked like a cute pinterest apartment. Woods was jumping around like crazy and attacked me 1 million times, I guess, haha. We sat down chatted the whole evening while enjoying our dinner and having a good time in a place which belongs to someone else. 
First, I felt weird being in a stranger's flat without the owner, but it was fun to spend the evening with the owner's cat and the NYC skyline lights outside. After Woods and everyone else was full, we decided to head back home, since I had a busy day ahead. 
The cheesecake dilemma ended with me gifting H. the Greek yogurt and eggs, and the rest of my ingredients where accompanying myself to New Jersey and back home to Germany, haha. What an awesome idea ~ 
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