Freitag, Oktober 28

10:56 PM In a country which doesn't really celebrate Halloween, it's hard to find into a certain "celebrating groove". Not many people here care about Halloween - it depends on where you live of course. I'm glad that my city knows about the spooky day, but that's it! When I first heard about this day, I was so in love with the idea of dressing up and getting candy for free (I mean, come on, best idea ever!) and I wished I could celebrate Halloween just like our dear American friends. I think I only celebrated it twice and both times were pretty lame and I didn't get as much candy as I hoped. My neighbors didn't open the door, or they gave me old chewing gum which was ready to be thrown into the garbage. There was one Turkish family though, who was extra nice to me. They didn't have candy or anything I would eat, so they gave me 5€ and they literally made my whole week, haha! The extra money was nice, but still I didn't know if this was the "right Halloween". I ended my career and decided to stay at home the next couple of years until someone invites me to a party....I'm still waiting!!! 

So what am I supposed to do now? The older I get, the more I enjoy lovely movies from back in the day and I dedicate a whole evening to everything which deals with horror, monsters, and blood! Since I am a softie, I definitely need my cartoons in between, but luckily, there's a huge range to choose from. Here's my top five for this year! Btw, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is my absolute favorite movie!! Love, love, love this one!! 

How about you? Tell me about your Halloween!! Do you dress up? Any fancy costumes? And if you happen to stay at home, make sure to share your favorite movies with me! I'd love to hear them all! ~ 
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