Freitag, Oktober 14

12:51 PM Today I would like to share some visuals of a super cool spot which I definitely add to my "visit again" list! Each time I'm back home in NYC, I try to test different hotels and especially see and explore new neighborhoods! Since I booked my hotel super last minute this time, I couldn't be picky when it comes to my sleeping place. After a long research, I finally found "The Bowery House". I heard of it before, but I wanted to check the images to get a little idea of it! It looked super cool and hip, so I checked out the nightly rates which confused me first! Almost every hotel was booked already, or they wanted too much money for a super wacky place. The Bowery House was still free and I just knew that it was destiny! A couple of minutes later, I booked my room and I was so excited to experience this cozy little spot! 

The day I arrived, I only knew I had to go somewhere in SoHo. To be honest, I was a bit nervous first, because every time I go to SoHo, I am happy when I'm done with my shopping and I can go back to my neighborhood - far away from the tourist crowd. I walked down from Madison Square Garden to Washington Square Park and I enjoyed seeing my favorite places all the way along. When I came to SoHo, I realized that I needed to ask Google about my hotel. Where exactly was the Bowery? 

I walked through Spring Street and I had to laugh. I never wanted to stay in this area - all of a sudden I landed on the Bowery. Here would be my hotel - oh wow!

I walked a couple of steps and there it was. It was hiding, but I found it right away. I entered and I immediately fell in love with the old school floor - very charming and super nostalgic. I carried my heavy luggage upstairs and I walked into a sexy and also old (in a positive way) living room with one of the nicest girls at the reception. She welcomed me to Nolita and we talked a little bit about the neighborhood and hot spots. This living room looked so cool and all you wanted to do is enjoy the view, taking pictures of the typical NYC fire stairs or just sit and read one of the magazines they offered to read: you could choose from Vogue to Paper magazine - anything a fashion person loves! 

So, yeah, I landed in Nolita. Nice. I knew I was somewhere in between shopping streets, Asian food and too many pizza and pasta places - actually this is heaven! 

My room was on the same floor and I was so happy when I finally had the chance to lay down for a couple of minutes. 

The rooms are super cozy, very small, but they already show you images on their website). The bed was beyond comfortable - I loved it! In addition to that, you got everything you need, I mean you will only sleep there, so why do you need a luxurious room with a Jacuzzi or such?! Also they provide you with ear-plugs (I tell you why in a second), towels and water! I really appreciated that! 

One of the first things I always do in a hotel is checking out the bathrooms or toilets. When I checked for the bathroom at the Bowery House, I was impressed. It's a shared bathroom for ladies, but it was super clean! First of all the red walls were really seductive and the interior was definitely my type. But most importantly was the fact that everyone who entered the room felt comfortable. You had plenty of privacy and the shower...ohh, don't get me started: a dream! I realized how attractive this deal was! My stay at the Bowery House was the best decision! 

So after a couple of days, I had to pack my bags again, but I was happy to stay there for a little bit. Each day, when I went down the stairs or I got back from a long day, I was happy to see the friendly staff or just being around this cozy atmosphere. To end my days, I walked up the stairs to enjoy the rooftop where I listend to the cabs' honks and the melodies the ambulances played. 

The only negative point is that you don't have much privacy when it comes to your rooms. There is no ceiling, so all the cabins have a free roof and that's why they provide you with ear-plugs. My cabin was sandwhiched by to guys, so I was super lucky to have both dudes snoring as loud as they could each night. I get the historical background of this hotel and I understand that without windows, people need air, so the ceiling has to look like this...but at my last day, I was happy to continue travelling to a place where I can jump around in my room and listen to music as loud as I can. Do you know what I mean? 

But, lovebirds, if anyone of you would love to get to know this area of NYC - the Bowery House is the best place to stay at! It's are in between the traffic! That means you don't need to take a subway or can walk to any place in a couple of minutes! 

Around the Bowery House, you will find fantastic restaurants or cafés and you will definitely love the vibes down there!

I am surprised about my positive words, but I do not regret staying there! I had the wrong image about China Town or Little Italy, but now I want more! 

If you happen to go to the Bowery House as well or maybe you went there already, please share your experiences! I can't wait to hear YOUR stories! 

Have a great Friday and an even better weekend, lovebirds! ~ 


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