Freitag, Oktober 21

10:52 PM After being totally soaked yesterday, I thought it's time to think about my sunshine days back in NYC. I really don't mind the rain, but when I look at those pictures, I wished summer stayed just a couple of more weeks! How are you embracing fall this year? 

Before I went to NYC, I checked the weather and I was amazed how warm it will be. Since my closet isn't offering me a lot of stuff, I decided to sew something special not even 24 hours before I left. So, I basically sat there for hours sewing something I have never done before, but who would have thought that I made it - woop woop. 

I got up early and welcomed my quiet Nolita neighborhood while I got dressed. I'm always excited to wear "weird" or "different" looks which you don't wear every day. I added a little highlight on top of my self-made shirt, which is my diy jeans choker. You may have seen it in the past - I often share looks where I am wearing chokers and yes, it is a trend I definitely love to wear as well! Since all the girls run around in their silk black chokers, I decided to recycle my old jeans and write something Japanese on top of it (who ever speaks Japanese knows what's on my choker, haha). Et voilà! What do you think about the look? 

Although this look is already special to me, I thought the cherry on top would be my new favorite pair of sneakers. The shoes which you see right here are the wonderful result of the cooperation between Puma and my favorite pink cookie Caroll van den Brom, aka Careaux. This girl is one of my biggest inspirations and definitely a dream girl. I have been talking a lot about Careaux and if you are a dear reader, you know how much love I got for her and her support for Off Color. To cut a long story short: I needed to get her sneakers and I am so happy that I got my hands on this pair! With the right socks, I thought I have to introduce the NYCers to this awesome Dutch lovebird!

MY OUTFIT Off-shoulder top - selfmade, similar here or here / Jeans - Levi's / Choker - selfmade / Shoes - Puma by Careaux, other colorway here
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