Freitag, Oktober 28

8:49 AM I have always been in love with parks, I don't know why. I noticed that after I visited Central Park, but also after being at the Retiro park in Madrid. I love the feeling of escaping the city and its noisy traffic, the people and whatever that bothers me. Seeing a lot of green in between concrete just satisfies my heart! I remember my first time coming to Central Park - it was 2001 when I visited NY for the very first time. My family and I went to take a break and had hot dogs and I still can see the the people being active or rolling around in their roller blades. It was super fun and I just loved the atmosphere there.

Each time I came back, I noticed the huge amount of people sweating through the park. No matter what season, or what sport, people meet here to get active and feel good. On my to-do list, there has always been the wish of running through Central Park. This running thing became more serious 2 years ago, so I never really had the chance to run there. A few weeks ago, when I was back home, I wanted to dedicate one morning to Central Park and its inspiring athletes. 

It was finally time to run through the park! 

It seems like I chose the very best day to run. It was pretty warm in the morning, so I decided to wear my favorite tights and a little NY dedication with my Knicks shirt. Once I braided my hair, I hit the streets, warmed up on my way uptown. While entering the park, I looked for the first bench where I could do my final stretches and I have to admit that I was a bit nervous! I sat down again for a minute and looked around. Guys running without a shirt on, soooo many people running alone or in groups - from young to old. I was smiling big, but I was also scared to look like a fool in between those crazy people. Anyways, there was no turning back! LET'S GET IT ON! 

Yesterday, I shared a new video where you can see a little bit of my Central Park session. I also used a quote which I read in a magazine once...I have to say that it's totally true and each and everyone should experience running in Central Park as well. Runners should run in NYC. That's it. You definitely have the best vibes and so inspiring and motivating running fellows - share heartbeats and be happy! I am still beyond excited about this experience and I can't wait to come back and run through the green paradise of New York.

Have you been running in Central Park before? Feel free to share your favorite running places! I am always open to hear from you, lovebirds ~ 
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