4:09 PM Pumpkins everywhere. I remember a time, where I didn't understand why people go crazy on this little buddy! My mom and my sister bought Hokkaido pumpkins like there's no tomorrow, others were cooking soups or drinking coffee that is flavored with fall's favorite product. Later, I understood this hype. I started drinking pumpkin lattes and I became friends with the flavor of the famous Hokkaido. This year, I wanted to try more than a pumpkin soup (making a soup is too easy, plus, I can't eat soup every day!). I'm not the biggest french fries fan, but the idea of trying pumpkin french fries sounded really intriguing to me. I also had a grapefruit and golden kiwi as a leftover which I used as a ketchup/salsa to dip my fries. Why not? I have to say that those fries really make every dish more special! Bye bye potatoes... I love when boredom makes me create and appreciate new flavors ~ How about you? 


YOU NEED 1/2 half Hokkaido pumpkin + salt + sweet paprika powder + olive oil + optional chilli flakes + patience, haha.

1. Take out your pumpkin, wash it and cut it into thin stripes or chunks (however you like your fries to look like)
2. I know, cutting a pumpkin is a pain in the ass, but the good thing about this fella here is that we can leave the skin on it ~ Be patient and if your fries don't look pretty, don't worry - it's all good. 
3. Now let's cook the fries in boiling water with a pinch of salt. It depends on your chunks how long you have to cook them. Wait until they are soft. 
4. Preheat your oven to 205°C and put your fries on a baking tray. Cover them in olive oil and flavor them with sweet paprika powder, chilli flakes or even garlic (it's up to you!).
5. Bake the fries around 25 minutes or until they get super crispy! 
6. Enjoy ~

I love season changes and I love experimenting with it in the kitchen. Why don't you try it as well? Tell me about your results - I can't wait! ~ 


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