Sonntag, Oktober 30

6:16 PM How can this be? I ask this question every time! Another challenge is on its way to end...only one more day! What can I say? A lot has changed the last days and somehow I am sad that it will end tomorrow! 

Last time, when I shared my first experiences and feelings about this challenge, I told you that I am more relaxed and the most important thing which happened, is a rhythmic sleep cycle. My workout routine was also pretty good, so all in all I felt perfect! 

Now, almost 2 weeks later, I feel a bit different. I wasn't sure if I will know about my system and how my body works after only 4 weeks...I mean, is this possible? Unfortunately, my body likes to trick me sometimes and I am studying myself now for years...

While starting running two years ago, I understood how to build a stronger relationship to my body. I know how we can create a perfect symbiosis - the only thing I am still confused about is my body's responses. There are days where my body loves what I am "doing to it" and there are days where I feel like my body hates me - what's going on?  

At work, I was a bit stressed and somehow I wasn't balanced when I got home (I also mean emotionally...). When I feel kind of empty or I am not happy at all, I try to escape through sports or I tend to eat stuff that I really shouldn't eat. What did I do? I ate all the crazy things which are too bad for me! I can't tell you what I ate...it was so much weird stuff that I had days where I came home after work and I feel asleep right away. Being tired and lazy is not a good thing during a challenge - but that's life, it can happen! Another consequence of my stubborn attitude was a missing meditation session for 3 days. I kept on working out, but I noticed that something else was missing. 

Is this possible? 
Yes, of course! I was so used to falling asleep to sweet nature sounds or a warm voice which guides me to all the beautiful places in the world. All of a sudden it was gone. I knew I had to change something now, since I want to enjoy this challenge to the fullest. 
Also I was so spoiled from the first two weeks, I wanted to get back there!! 

My days where I went to bed without my meditation, turned to days where I woke up at 6 and I started the day with a lovely meditation to start right into the groove. 
I wake up with the birds and I give myself a nice motivation speech after drinking some hot water! My body wakes up slowly and parallel I am listening to any sound which vitalizes me and prepares me to whatever may come! 
I have to say that this kind of meditation is also fun to me! I never thought it would make sense to do that in the morning, but sometimes you shouldn't judge too early!
So, lovebirds, you see that this challenge is super flexible and you can be as creative as you want to be. You don't need to be stuck with one routine for 4 weeks - if you feel you have to change something, change it! Listen to your body and please don't be mad at yourself when you go through ups and downs! I did it, too, and the only thing which matters here is to refocus and set a goal! It's about motivation and strength - so it's all in your head - you decide and you take action!!

Tell me, how is it going!!! How's your challenge? Do you enjoy the meditation? 
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