Sonntag, Oktober 16

4:21 PM 16 days passed. We already marked half time of this challenge - crazy, huh? I thought it's time to write a little review about how it is going so far, just like I did with the last challenge! "Namaslay" is a different challenge, I know, but the more you stick to this, the more you notice how important it is to also focus on training and healing the mind. 

I caught myself too many times thinking too much about this and that. No matter how much I run or workout, my mind is sometimes messing with me. There also comes a time where my mind is ruining a lot of moments or situations where I am not able to ignore it and then it blocks my performance. Not good at all. How do you bypass this? How can I rule my mind or do we need to separate both: the body and the mind? 

Honestly, my first idea was to fully ignore what's going on in my head. Soon, I noticed that it can't go by itself - both need each other. 

A few months ago, I did my first meditation, although I was super skeptical. I didn't understand its power and effects...I did this for almost a week and I noticed that my sleep rhythm was inspired heavily by this. I was laying in bed, listening to nature sounds, or doing a guided meditation - I was knocked out after a few minutes. I slept. I slept sooo much and I was even more relaxed when I woke up, I thought I was dreaming! 

In my past, I often had sleeping problems and I am happy that meditation helped me so much to get rid of that! I knew that this fella could help me understand my brain better. I knew it takes time, but I understood that I don't have to wait forever to investigate and learn more about it. The best way to do such an experiment is creating a challenge for you and me! 

Now, after 16 days I am happy to be back with an active routine and I have to say that my body is also not complaining at all! Do I have to thank meditation for that? I don't know! I know that I am always happy to end my day with a smooth meditation and the next day I feel beyond good! 
My body feels calm and stress doesn't bother me too much right now! My sports program could be better, but I am doing a lot of NTC workouts, since my working schedule is super tight. On the weekends, I balance this with nice runs and I will also try some yoga the next couple of days! 
Let's see if my body continues to be so accepting. I can't wait to share more!

How about you? How is it going, lovebirds? Let's kick ass the next 15 days ~ Happy #Namaslayin' 
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