10:28 PM I woke up early to shoot a few outfits...I remember I couldn't find a "cool" spot to shoot (yeah, paradox, because it's NYC and every corner is awesome), so I walked until I couldn't walk anymore. I ended up at a corner I have never been to, so I decided to find my way back to Union Square and start all over on my way back to the hotel. Sometimes, I still feel like a stupid tourist in NYC, although I call this place my home. It's not a secret that I am a bit chaotic, so I try to take those lost moments as a positive experience - at least I get to know my home even better like that!

I jumped over the street and realized the morning sun was already rising. Union Square is not my number one favorite spot, but I always like the atmosphere there. It feels weird - there are sometimes 200 things happening at the same time - or it's just quiet - you never know what's up. 
This morning, the whole square was quiet. 

I saw a couple of cars and some early birds preparing their tables and tents for the farmer's market later that day. How come I have never visited the market in NYC? In Germany, I love going to the locals farmer's market, especially during fall. The diversity and selection is beyond awesome and I just love enjoying diverse smells at the same time - is there anything better? One thing I didn't like in Germany is our "diversity": you have to live in a big city to really get your hands on the "exotic" things. So why should I skip this "event" in NYC? Now, it's the perfect time to see what my dear American friends offer.

I went back to my hotel, shot my pictures and got ready to start the day. On my to-do list I added the farmer's market with the thickest marker I had with me. 

At lunch time, I thought I should hop over to Union Square to check how this sleepy place turned into a colorful fall rainbow. I was shocked when I saw the masses of people, but I was so excited to check out each tent. I felt like I was shopping at Louis Vuitton, or Chanel...I wanted to have everything plus I felt like I should touch all the things I don't know...damn, there was so much I have never seen in my life. Colors, smells, and people who sell those things with all their heart - I loved it. I walked across the square and I was happy. My favorite tent was definitely the one with the homemade maple syrup. I am sooo disappointed that I didn't take one home with me, but I wasn't sure about travelling with it. 

Acknowledging those moments is my number one mission this vacation. I tend to forget about these experiences, because they actually sound super normal. But the vibes and feelings I had were unforgettable - I miss them already! 

This is why this post is also a little lesson for you. Try to appreciate fall as much as you can and don't take it too serious! Let's play a little game: IT'S TIME TO DARE MORE THIS SEASON! 
Go to your local famer's market and experience it in a new way! 

1. Simple go with seasonal things. Don't hate fall! Do you know what fruits or veggies this season brings with itself? Ask the people at the market what's typical for this season, I bet there's stuff you actually love and you can create even better things with it.
2. Let's surprise ourselves. Try something you have never seen before: pick at least 3 different things, so you have a wider playground at home to mix and match. Yeah, maybe the things won't taste at all, but imagine you'd choose your next favorite vegetable? Everything's possible.
3. Go after the color. How do you feel today? Are you in a red mood? Why not, choose your veggies and fruits after their color. Spice up your kitchen and play around! Serious food is not yummy ~ 
4. Say yes to veggies or fruits you always said no to! Maybe you don't notice that, but your taste changes your whole life. Me, for example, I always hated plums...when I saw how cheap they were, I bought them because I needed fruits. When I ate them, I was surprised how good they were - why didn't I eat them earlier? There you go. 

Life can be a pain in the ass. I know lovebirds, but things like this make life so much sweeter! I hear everyone already complaining about fall (yeah, I was also complaining about the cold temperatures...) but we have to see the good things which come along as well! So next time you will go to a farmer's market, don't stick to your routine - try something new ~

Thanks again NYC for teaching me this lesson!