Sonntag, Oktober 30


6:47 AM GOOD MORNING ~ Today I want to share an outfit with you which would be my current favorite, I would say. This summer, Pharrell released another beautiful collection with adidas and when I saw those daisy tights, I knew I needed to get them! I remembered staying up until midnight to be the first ordering them. Since Pharrell's things always sell out so fast, I was really worried to not get a piece of the cake, haha. What happened? I checked social media and other things and I felt like no one noticed his collection...I was sad about it, but on the other hand also super happy, since I got my tights and I knew no one else around will dress in the same outfit like I do. 

While I wore this outfit to see my friend in Tribeca, I noticed that my walk through SoHo wasn't spectacular. No one cared about my outfit (which I love!!) and I felt pretty good! Back in Germany, I wore the same outfit again, but I chose to wear sneakers since the sandal days are over...what's the reaction here? My neighbor was telling me some nice things, but I just kept the train they were staring and on my way to work, I totally owned the looks and weird faces - thanks! Embrace your neighborhood, not. Whenever I will wear Pharrell's daisies, I will dream of my little SoHo and the days where I can dress "as crazy" as I want to. That's fashion, lovebirds! ~

MY OUTFIT Sandals - H&M, similar here or here / Tights - Adidas by Pharrell Williams, similar here or here / Sweater - H&M, similar here 
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