Montag, Oktober 31

9:07 PM I feel like I introduced this new "book club" selection just yesterday! I was on my way to NYC and I was so excited to share this book with you! For the Off Color "Book Club", I always want to choose a good book with a good writing style and also things which can help us in life or whatever. I want you to be motivated to read more - let words inspire you! There are so many books in this universe which can have a huge impact on you and your life - you just don't know about it yet. 

Will "Shoe Dog" change your life? I don't know. What I can tell you straight up is that this book will surprise you in so many ways!

If you still want to read the book, I don't want to tell you everything about it, don't worry! I only want to share my feelings about it and how it inspired or motivated me. I can seek inspiration through anything and I have to say that Phil is such a good soul - a perfect role model for all of us! 

I don't know where to begin without telling too much. I was at the airport, reading the first pages, while I noticed my heart beating super fast. Do you know those moments where you get excited and you can't control it? I was smiling and grabbed my marker to highlight all the good things Phil said. It was like a wave coming over me...I knew it was so good to invest in this book.

The more I read, the more I was lost (in a good way though). I entered Phil's world and I felt empowered to do the same. This is a thing I noticed throughout the book - Phil could be arrogant talking about his success and dollars, but he's very humble and shares all the things without any censorship, which is so appealing to me.

I had no clue how much I would like this book. The language is very easy and it feels like we are talking about business and his life with a cup of coffee by the side.
In my notebook, I wrote the things down which inspired me the most: 

1. Phil is one of us. He is a normal human being with a dream. It's all real: his thirst, his motivation, and ideas! At the end of the day, he just wants to be someone! We all know this feeling, right?
2. Never be scared to be different. 
3. TRAVEL! No matter what, you need to see the world. Phil has seen the coolest places on earth - don't get jealous, imitate this! It must be so inspiring to dig into those cultures and get to know people and their languages from anywhere in the world! This is one of the richest and most important experiences we need to have in our lives. 
4. Always stay curious! 
5. Dare. We think too much...risks stop us. Stop thinking and just do it!
6. Break the rules! They are made to be broken! The world always needs one who's brave and a bit wild. New ideas, new spirits, and so much more to inspire others! 
7. Running is healing. Find something which makes you happy! With sports, Phil shares his point of view of sports and how much they can change us. No matter what it is, it is healing for yourself and the people who support you on the way. It's the motivation which kicks your butt and satisfies your heart to the fullest. 

How do you feel reading those points? 
Those points are so important to read and apply to our daily lives. We should stop taking everything so serious - we need to live more! Let me do a quick cut here. I will stop talking about the book now! I want you to re-read those points again and then order the book! :)

"Shoe Dog" gives me so many positive feelings and inspiration. This book is pure therapy and more than a biography of a successful business man! 

Have you read "Shoe Dog"? Please share your thoughts if you did so! If you haven't got a copy of it yet, make sure to write it on your Christmas wishlist! Let someone inspire you with his dreams and positive attitude. I know you will love the book just as much as I do.

I can't wait to hear from you! Also: HAPPY HALLOWEEN lovebirds! ~

In case you haven't read it yet, get yourself a copy right here.
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