Sonntag, Oktober 23

12:33 PM The election is coming closer and there has never been an election like this in the entire history of the US before. As an European citizen, there comes one question into my mind: shall we care about the election or ignore it until we see the results? 
I believe that no matter where we live, we should all care and especially educate ourselves and our friends + family. Why? There is one simple problem coming up: in the US, there are too many people who would still vote for Trump and I cannot believe how stupid they are. No disrespect, but Trump as a president will be a disaster for America - you guys should know that! 

Before the debates started, I watched a documentary on Hillary and I also educated myself with reading a couple of articles which explained the basic facts to me, since the American system is not like the German system, for example. 
I am not old, but also not that young anymore, so I started to become interested in politics when Obama first ran for president. I admit, sometimes it's hard to understand all of that, but as a world citizen and human being who depends on politics, their laws and the actions, we should all deal with this topic. 
Reading more and more about Hillary didn't only convince me that she's the ideal candidate to run for president, but also I respect her for her being and what she did all her life. 

We are all allowed to have certain opinions about the candidates, but get to know both first and judge afterwards. 

I fell in love with this badass, Hillary, and here's why: 

1. Her drive and motivation. In 1960, after dreaming to become a baseball player, she wrote a letter to NASA asking about being an astronaut when she was later told that the program didn't accept women...she inspires all of us to dream, right?  
2. She was one of the first women who studied at Yale Law School. Education is important and any gender should reach high - no matter what! 
3. She always believed in herself and didn't put others first concerning her work life while she was FLOTUS and "the wife of Bill Clinton". Just being a wife and doing a little work her and there, wasn't enough for her. She engaged many projects and always fought for everyone around her!! 
4. Clinton's life mission is to ensure that the world knows one thing: human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights. Hillary is fighting to bring women closer to equality which includes: women's health, equal pay, and domestic violence. 
5. She's pro equal rights for LGBT Americans - preach! No discrimination!!
6. She proves that it is worth to fight for something! Believe in yourself and believe in a better world! Start changing the game by doing action by yourself. Hillary dedicates a lot of her work to children and she has already reached so much with it.  

Hillary, there is so much more to love about you "nasty women", haha. 
With this post, I want my American readers to think about this election a little more. Don't listen too much to the media or believe any hypes. Educate yourself first and think about your future wisely! Tell all your friends and family to vote: EACH VOTE COUNTS! 

Until the elections in November, support Hillz with this awesome merchandise! Ladies, show how proud you are to be a nasty women ~ We are all nasty, Donald! 

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