Mittwoch, Oktober 5

10:08 PM Here I am...back home, back in chaos land. I actually wanted to post tomorrow, but I felt that today is the perfect day to say hi to you again! I am super relaxed and I want to make the best out of my last super free hours to reach out to you! I hope everyone is doing fine and your October started in the best way possible! If you are interested and you haven't seen it yet, you can still join my latest monthly challenge "Namaslay". Lately, I have so many lovebirds visiting here and believe me, my vacation inspired me beyond and I can't wait to share ideas and content with you. Thank you so far! A litte appreciation and love is never wrong! ~ That's why I post my last summer outfit of this year today! I was so lucky to have summer temperatures in Paris and in New York, so all of my outfits will be summer inspired, ugh...(fall, somehow I can't get warm with you right now!). New York, I miss you. Paris, I miss you more. This is my little goodbye to you, dear summer, I am so thankful for those warm temperatures this year. Have you welcomed fall yet? 

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