Sonntag, Oktober 9

8:53 PM What the...Sorry to start a post like that, but that's what's inside my head right now. Weeks ago, I called my sister, telling her that we have to continue our running races tradition by joining Nike's Paris run in October. Now, I am sitting on my bed, writing this post and looking at my golden finisher medal. I feel proud, again. There are so many emotions inside of me and I don't know where to start. 

The days were getting closer and I started to run more to perform better than last year in Berlin. I was actually sad to not run a race this year, since this whole atmosphere excites me beyond and I would love to join as many races as possible. Makes sense, right? 
There I was. Registered for the race, excited and nervous at the same time. Can I do this again? How will it be like? Can I be better than last time? What happens if I can't do it? Too many questions. 
My NYC trip was right about to happen - I realized I needed to travel directly to Paris afterwards, so I didn't have a real chance to train until the last couple of days. It was quiet the opposite: my longest mile was walking to Dunkin Donuts to get donuts which I enjoyed while laying in bed. I ran in Central Park, though. Was this a good preparation? Well, I didn't run as far as I wanted to and later I decided to watch the other runners, since their way of running looked so special to me, I felt wrong somehow. 

Then, I found myself in Paris. Picking up our race gear. It's getting serious. Jetlag, a short night and freezing temperatures. Race day is here! My sister felt just like me: unprepared and tired. But the DJ (who was he?) played some good tunes and the huge crowd plus their heartbeats inspired me. I was so excited to run this race! I already saw the Eiffel Tower - what a great running route! 

1, 2, 3 kilometers passed. I was racing, yaaasss!! I didn't even notice that I am running, haha. I looked around...beautiful Paris finally showed us some sunshine and doing a little sightseeing during the run felt so relaxing. Step after step, I was so happy to see my body being in such a good condition. In Berlin, I had no real rhythm and after kilometer 6, I felt like dying. This time it was different. Again, I was running with my heavy Nikon, but my body was happy, motivated and full of energy. Keep going, keep going. I lost my sister later, but still, my body pushed me forward. 
I was happy when we reached the snack table where they handed us water and fruits...my water landed on my face instead of my mouth section and I gladly grabbed a tiny banana bite - better than nothing. After this little treat, I had some extra energy and I realized that we are already on our way back to the finish line. Time was running so fast and I didn't want this race to end. 

The path was a bit annoying at the end - all this up and down. Fast to slow, made me ruin my pace, but at the end, I found a girl who actually ran next to me the last 3ks, so I felt happy to have my own pacer who always kicks my butt. I forgot her name, but I was happy to see her long ponytail jumping up and down. Thanks, cherie! 

While the French cheering squads only cheered for their people, I crossed the finish line with no one being excited that I made it. My sister wasn't there yet, so I wanted to give her the cheer I didn't get. Shortly after me, she arrived and we were both smiling like little kids. We made it again. We grabbed our medals and sat down to eat a couple of energy bars. Man...we just sat there on this pavement and we looked around. 

I was shaking. I was excited. I have never been so happy. Is this normal? 

We went back to our hotel and I kept my medal around my neck until the next morning ~

THANK YOU NIKE! ET MERCI PARIS ~ I'm still speechless! 
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