Dienstag, September 20

4:32 PM What does home mean to you?
 I remember a class I had to take at my university, a few years ago. We were talking about the term "home", its definition, and poets explaining it in a more abstract way. Fact is, I don't remember a word of what we were talking about, but I admired how certain people approached to their birth place or city which formed their character, attitude and behavior. How come they be so emotional about a city they live in? 
Breathing in the same air, seeing the same people and walking up and down the same asphalts. They shared true love stories and they sounded deeper and more emotional than a normal human being relationship. 

I grew up in a beautiful city in the South-West of Germany and I was happy growing up here! My city got everything I needed - it's urban, very multicultural and the weather is always nice, haha. I don't make a huge secret out of it, but I am not a fan of German traditions and its people...My city is multicultural and so I tend to have more foreign languages and attitudes around me, which is super refreshing. Unfortunately, I am annoyed from all the negativity in my country and although I would do anything for my city, I started to explore the world in an early age already!
I think I developed a certain love story with my home just like the poets from back in the days. I don't write any poems or songs about it, but I appreciate it and its special places a lot! I love the opportunities and freedom it gave me to learn and grow. In my teen years, I started to travel and all of a sudden, I realized what home means. After some vacations, I was happy to be back home, and after others, I was having a hard time when I left! This happened when I came to NYC for the second time. 

I wanted to leave a stressful semester behind and get fresh inspiration and motivation in NYC! What happened? I got there and my whole world changed...I remembered the flashy and so exciting NYC when I was 11 years old. I remembered having a hot dog with a weird sausage at Battery Park or watching people of all age skating in Central Park. What I didn't remember was my emotional approach to the city. I knew I liked it, but that's it. After I finally came back in 2014, I felt like crying every day (in the most positive way). I loved falling asleep while the cabs were honking as loud and as much as they could. The streets, the people, and damn, so much that makes my photographer heart happy! I think this trip changed my life. I re-candled my love story with New York and as cheesy as I am, I took this love story even further! I met my special someone in NYC...the rest is history. I found a place which feels more than a vacation spot - I found a second home! I have so many feelings and emotions when it comes to this crazy never-sleeping city. 

New York, you annoy me sometimes, you keep me from sleeping and you steal all of my money. But you also know how much I love you! 

I am packing my last things before my trip starts. My heart is jumping up and down and no one can excite me as much as NY does! I feel like going on a blind date: I don't know what's going to happen, but I will be having a good time! I can't wait to see my friends and my love ~ 
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