Mittwoch, September 7

6:43 AM Here is something which caught my eye a while back. I wasn't sure if I should talk about this or if there's someone out there who loves to know about things like this - just like me. Sometimes, I care about the craziest things, but today I know that everything (may it seem crazy or not) needs to be shared! Why not! 
One day, I was watching YouTube videos, when I found this: Parley x adidas. 

I don't have to explain what adidas is, but maybe you are not familiar with Parley. Parley is an environmental initiative which is focusing on our oceans! The initiative raises awareness for the importance of the oceans and so they work on diverse projects to end their pollution and destruction! I love this idea and I totally support Parley with all of my heart! 

Now let's get back to this sneaker! Since it's "Sneaker Thursday" today, I wanted to present you the sneaker which made me speechless for a minute and I guess you are all curious to get to know more about it as well! 
This is an adidas running shoe which is made out of recycled plastic recovered from the sea. The design was made for World Oceans Day, held on June 8, while the shoe was launched as a limited edition then of 50 pairs only. 

Don't you think the design looks beyond awesome? The green wave pattern which you can see is created from recycled gil net. It was dredged from the sea and then recycled into a fibre. The rest of the shoe is using waste plastic which is collected around the Maldives, where the government is collaborating with Parley to rid the island chain of pollution within the next five years! 

I just love when important issues like this get a wider moment of attention! People need to wake up when it comes to plastic and our ocean pollution! We have the technologies to clean our oceans again or at least create better moments for our Mother Nature. This circle of life involves all of us and it is getting destroyed more and more!

What do you think about this design? Is a shoe made out of plastic our future? 

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