Donnerstag, September 15

9:38 PM Why didn't this post happen earlier? Yeah, I know, as a sneaker weirdo, I should also post about methods of cleaning your favorite pair of sneakers! Here and then, I will share some of my personal tips and also products which I highly recommend! Do you like the idea?

Today let's start with a quickie! Since I am always on the run and I love to jump into puddles, it's nice to know how to keep your sneakers clean in any situation or when you are in the middle of nowhere. My favorite go-to would be Jason Markk's quick wipes! Yes, we treat our sneakers just like babies...wet wipes are good for anything out there in the world! They come pretty handy in a simple package - you only need to rip it off and there you go! The quick wipe itself is pretty cool: it has two different sides to use - one "harder" one with dots which help cleaning the super dirty and hard spots and then also a smoother side which takes care of the softer part of the sneaker - we don't want to ruin anything, right? It's really durable and so easy to use! 

I love buying tons of those and throw them in each of my handbags (just in case). It's better to be prepared then crying when you are having issues on the run! For my travels, I always take some with me as well - I mean why not?!

Do you have any personal tips when it comes to cleaning sneakers? If you haven't tried the quick wipes yet, try and get them right here.
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