Freitag, September 23

8:36 PM Is it about time again? Of course! Another funky book for you lovebirds! I don't know if the word "funky" is right, but I believe you all didn't know what to expect next, right? After a history book, followed up by a cook book, how can I top that? Of course with a book which explains my childhood friend and its background story! I have been growing up with active labels and I am wearing sneakers all my life (my parents forced me to!). After watching the film about the adidas brothers and the story of the German sport giant, I was so curious to get to know more about Nike. How did Nike happen? Guys, now it's up to us! Get yourself a copy of Phil Knight's "Shoe Dog" and let's read those exciting words! Currently, I am enjoying the streets of NYC and I got this book with me...of course I would like to read it every minute, since the writing is SO GOOD, but I will safe the last bits for my flight back!

What do you think about "Shoe Dog" - do you think this month's book club is something for you? Please share your thoughts with me and while you might read the book, tweet me, or comment on this site if you need any answers. I love exchanging while reading the book - so please don't be shy!

In four weeks, I will be starting a little discussion and I hope to see you all then! ~ Happy reading! 
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